Types of Ceilings in Kenya and Prices

Gypsum Ceiling Nairobi and Slated Panels in Kenya

I know you are looking for different types of ceilings in Kenya and their prices. Gypsum ceiling supplies is a pioneer of high quality ceiling systems in Kenya. In this article I’m going to navigate through the different types of ceilings, the prices involved and their popularity. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Ltd is the only company in Kenya pioneering and advancing ceiling systems that meets every customer requirements. We source our ceilings from World leading brands to you in Kenya and East Africa. At Gypsum Ceiling Supplies, we are a bridge to the World of Ceiling systems and smart building materials

We have a wide range of suspended ceilings. Your choice depends with your budget, class, durability and most of all, aesthetics. How far do you want to go to inspire the interiors of your development?

Types of Ceilings in Kenya and Price Estimates Table


List of Ceiling Types and Prices in Kenya Chart

1 PVC Ceiling Light Gauge  Ksh300.00 Cheap, water resistant, good looking but falls off easily due to roof heat and wind
2 PVC Ceiling Heavy Gauge  Ksh700.00 Budget Friendly, stylish durable and easy to fix but not paintable
3 Plain Gypsum Board Ceiling -False Ceiling Ksh2,200.00 Simple, elegant, smooth, easy to install fixtures, heat resistant and easy to maintain
4 Designer Gypsum Ceiling System Ksh2,700.00 Elegant, stylish, smooth, can combine with accessories, heat resistant
5 Acoustic Ceiling System Ksh2,000.00 Good looking, sound absorbing, soundproof, heat resistant, high maintenance
6 Mahogany Wood TnG Ceiling System Ksh4,500.00 For the love of Mahogany shade. Traditional looking, durable, looks bulky, insects hub if not treated. Expensive
7 Cypress Wood TnG Ceiling System Ksh3,800.00 Traditional looking, durable, looks bulky, insects hub if not treated. Expensive
8 Stretch Ceiling System Ksh3,000.00 Simple, beautiful but expensive maintenance
9 Coffered Ceiling System Ksh3,500.00 Made by combining Mouldings and gypsum designs. Modern, Beautiful finish
10 Polyethylene Roof Ceiling  Ksh800.00 Water resistant, very durable, reusable, soundproof, quickfix
11 Metalic Aluminium Ceiling Tiles Ksh4,500.00 Water resistant, very durable, reusable, soundproof, quickfix
12 Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Perforated Ksh1,900.00 Water resistant, very durable, reusable, soundabsorbing, quickfix
13 Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Perforated Ksh1,700.00 Water resistant, very durable, reusable, soundproof, quickfix
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Ceiling is an Important Element in Interior and Exterior construction

Ceilings have existed in the construction sector for many centuries around the World. Some of the most reasons why people install ceilings include;

  • Beauty – One of the main reasons for installing a ceiling is the beauty it offers. All of us would want to reside in an exiting environment
  • covering structural imperfections, concealing other elements (such as plumbing, wiring, piping, AC Ducts)
  • protecting the interiors against heat and sound.
  • Keeping insects, rodents, snakes, lizards and other small animals away from interior environment

Ceilings can be categorized in differently, in the World of construction you will find Suspended ceilings, Tray ceilings, Coved Ceilings, Coffered Ceilings, shed ceilings, beam ceilings and many other designs. In this article we will discuss about the types and prices of ceiling materials available in the Kenyan market for your residential or commercial project.

List of Ceiling Materials in Kenya at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

  • Gypsum Ceiling – Plasterboard, Gypsum Board
  • Chipboard Ceiling
  • Stretch Ceiling
  • Tile and Groove (TnG) Wood Ceiling – Cypress or Mahogany
  • PVC Ceiling – Light Gauge or Heavy Gauge
  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles
  • Metal Ceiling Tiles
  • Gypsum Ceiling Tiles
  • Soft Board Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling Design - Living Room 4
False Ceiling Design – Living Room

Also known us false ceiling, gypsum Ceiling has became very popular in Kenya. Since its introduction in the 1990s, this type of ceiling has surpassed older ceilings like chipboard and TnG Wood Ceilings which were popular before the discovery of gypsum powder. Gypsum board is the main material element for a gypsum false ceiling. Gypsum boards is easy to cut and can create Stunning ceiling designs quickly and efficiently. Besides the advantage offered by ceilings in interior spaces, gypsum board is fire resistant and offers better soundproofing capabilities. More about gypsum ceiling

Chipboard Ceiling

Chip board ceiling has been with us in Kenya for quite long. It is a budget friendly ceiling and easy to install. We have plain and flowered chip boards that measures 4f*8ft. The panels have standard thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 18mm. Chipboard panels can be used to construct ceilings, walls and suspended floors.

PVC Ceiling Boards

There are two types of PVC ceilings in Kenya

The heavy gauge PVC ceiling is stronger and more durable that the light gauge panels. Based on customer feedback the light gauge version tends to fall off easily due to roof heat or wind. so, we highly recommend the use of the heavy gauge panels

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling in Kenya

Stretch ceilings offer a stylish and practical option. With its numerous benefits such as versatility, ease of maintenance, affordability, durability and acoustic insulation properties, it is no wonder more people opt for this ceiling type in the World.

When it comes to the cost of installation, there are various factors to consider including the size of the room, type of material used and complexity of design. Please note that Gypsum Ceiling Supplies are professional installers of stretch ceiling system

Acoustic Ceiling

As the name implies, Acoustic ceilings main solution is to absorb sound in a particular space. Acoustic ceiling tiles are made from mineral wool – a raw material that is produced from volcanic stone. These panels are highly recommended for commercial buildings and offices where sound echo eliminating is a priority.

We have a wide variety of acoustic ceiling panels for hospitality, residential, offices and commercial premises. Most of our panels are in the sizes of 600*600mm sourced from Armstrong, Daspros, AMF and Knauf. They require professional installers and Gypsum Ceiling Supplies offers sales, delivery and installation options