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Shipping Container Insulation

Insulation for shipping containers

In recent days, many Kenyans have started embracing cheaper ways to own a home or office by fabricating shipping containers. We have the best insulation materials for your shipping container? A shipping container is a challenging space to insulate and condition due to both materials and geometry. Its metal walls show a poor insulation at mid-high frequencies and barely inexistent at low frequencies. In addition, these walls act as resonators once excited with noise. Its geometry of parallel walls allows generation of standingRead More …

Best Cold Room Insulation Materials in Kenya

EPS Sandwich Panels

Looking for budget friendly quick to fix cold room insulation materials? We supply sandwich panels that can be used to construct cold room insulation and fabricated housing of any kind. Our wide range of thicknesses include; 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mmm. Roof insulated panels also available. EPS sandwich panel is the technical product name used by manufacturers for a specific board with a polystyrene (Styrofoam) core and either a vinyl on metal facing on both sides. EPS Sandwich panels areRead More …