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Types of Gypsum Boards in Kenya

Knauf Moisture Resistant Gypsum Boards Kenya

There are different types of gypsum boards in Kenya. Some boards are manufactured locally while others are imported from Countries in the World

How to Calculate Gypsum Ceiling Quotation in Kenya

Have you considered the need to get gypsum ceiling estimation? This is how to Calculate gypsum ceiling materials at a glance. Installing a gypsum ceiling is one of the best choices a house owner can make when considering the perfect ceiling for a home. In Kenya, builders have embraced this suspended ceiling technology because of the major advantages it contains compared to other ceiling options. Here are 10 Advantages of a Gypsum Ceiling System and Why You Should Consider InstallingRead More …

Gypsum Boards in Kenya – Best Prices

Gyproc Moisture board

Gypsum board in Kenya varies based on multiple aspects including, quality, size and technical specifications. Other names of a gypsum board are plasterboard, drywall or sheetrock. For commercial construction, architects are always keen to specify accurate requirements for gypsum based building materials putting into consideration factors such as fire resistance, moisture resistance, strength and durability.