Soundproofing Solutions Kenya

At Gypsum Ceilings and Interiors, we offer a wide range of soundproofing services (Acoustical Insulation) for residential and commercial spaces in Kenya. Our soundproofing services are designed to deliver optimum performance in interior walls, office partitions, exterior cavity walls, ceilings as well as floors. The superior products we use offers excellent vibration dampening and has a Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) value of 63 and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) value of 0.85 for a 50mm Board.


    • Excellent acoustic properties
    • Excellent thermal insulation properties
    • Resistant to rot, mould, mildew and bacterial growth
    • Doesn’t harbour nesting for rodents and vermin
    • Fire retardant
    • Does not age
    • Sag-free
    • Completely free of all synthetic mineral fibres (SMFs) and therefore no special clothing including respirators are required in/during installation
    • Moisture resistant
    • Easy to handle and install
    • Non toxic

To prevent you from being disturbed by the activity in the next room, whether the room is upstairs or in line, the construction has to prevent sound from being transmitted. This doesn’t have to be a massive concrete slab or wall. Sound insulation relates to the overall ability of a building element or building structure to reduce the sound transmission through it. Two types of sound insulation might be referred to – airborne sound insulation and impact sound insulation. It’s important to keep in mind that the weakest link in the construction has a large impact on the total sound insulation. It’s e.g. very important to avoid leakage between construction elements.