Shipping Container Insulation Kenya

Insulation for shipping containers

In recent days, many Kenyans have started embracing cheaper ways to own a home or office by fabricating shipping containers. We have the best insulation materials for your shipping container?

A shipping container is a challenging space to insulate and condition due to both materials and geometry. Its metal walls show a poor insulation at mid-high frequencies and barely inexistent at low frequencies. In addition, these walls act as resonators once excited with noise. Its geometry of parallel walls allows generation of standing waves in the 3-axis.

If you want to insulate a shipping container, you need a vapor barrier, radiant barrier, reflective insulation and a sound barrier. The sun rays on the metal carries unbearable heat inside the container. Also, cold temperatures are exaggerated by the metallic surface making it frigid inside. Warm temperature on a cool surface creates moisture which condense and turns to sweat

Preferred Insulation for a shipping container includes;

  • GCS Polyethylene Insulation with or without reflective foil. We sale it in the dimensions of 2m*1.7m and thickness of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. Personally i prefer 100mm with single side foil
  • Fiberglass insulation with reflective foil 50mm thick