Rockwool insulation in Rwanda, Kigali

Rockwool Insulation 50 to 100 Kg/M3

Rwanda, one of the fastest growing economies in the EAC continues to adhere to green building technologies. Due to the robust investments in the commercial sector, Rwanda construction industry players such as Architects, Engineers, Developers and construction companies are investing in solution based products that offers long term merits.

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Ltd is a Kenyan based building materials supplier focusing on smart building technologies. We supply different densities and sizes of Rockwool insulation, glass wool insulation and other materials that revolves around Acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. The advantages of the materials we sale such as rockwool mineral wool can achieve different functions at the same time. Our Mineral wool products helps in soundproofing, thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire insulation just to name a few.

Rockwool by Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya

We work with industry players in Rwanda by providing the best in the market mineral wool insulation for their projects. Our logistical team also works with logistic companies that helps in transport facilitation to Rwanda. Why do People Trust Rockwool Mineral Wool?

Rock Wool insulation is a product that solves so many problems;

Rockwool is

  • Fire resistant upto 1100 degrees Celcius
  • Sound blocking within partitions, cavities and roof
  • Sound absorption – Using the low density rockwool helps absorb sound within a room or studio
  • Heat Insulation – Can be fixed bellow the iron sheets or attic space
  • Cold Insulation or Cold room applications
  • GlassRock Mineral Wool Rock Wool


Rock wool wire mesh blankets are a lightly bonded high-density blankets conforming to ASTM C-592 and equivalent to bs 3958 part 3 that manufactured from mineral rock fibers and stitched to 25mm galvanized hexagonal wire mesh or stainless-steel wire mesh


Used for general thermal, acoustic insulation and fire protection applications such as

  • Chimney and towers
  • Exhaust manifold.
  • Boilers, Ovens and furnaces
  • Fire Hazard Zones
  • Out Range Piping System
  • Steam Turbines
  • Soundproofing


Glass Rock wire mesh blankets are free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion

Packaging and Storage

GlassRock wire mesh blankets are supplied in shrink wrapped polyethylene and must be stored in the original packaging, protected from the weather and off the ground in case of getting wet it can be dried and used without changes to its properties. Durability GlassRock wire mesh blankets are odourless, nonhygroscopic, rot proof, does not sustain vermin or encourage the fungi growth, mould or bacteria.


Maximum Service Temperature Melting Temperature750 °C. 1150°CASTM C411
Reaction to FireSurface burning characteristics: Flame spread=passed, Smoke Development= passedASTM E84
Water absorptionWater repellant iMoisture sorption < 1 % by weightASTMC1104
RigiditySemi- RigidASTM C1101
Shot content< 25 % by weightASTM C 612
Fungi GrowthDoes not encourage fungi growthASTM C 665
Corrosion EffectPh7 or slightly AlkalineASTM C 692-77
Compression resistance> 10 kN/m2ASTM C 165-07
Chloride ContentComply with the stainless steel corrosion specificationASTM C 871-77
Rockwool Insulation Properties