Wallmaster Paint Kenya 40KG – Nairobi

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Wall master is a cement based wall coating used for both interior and exterior wall cladding. It can be applied as a troweled coat or textured to create designer effects thus providing a beautiful finish.

  • It’s packaged in 40kg bag
  • Ready Colored
  • Mixed with Water
  • Painters Available
  • Approximate Coverage 9M2
  • Call to Order 0706200300

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Wall Master Textured Paints in Nairobi, Kenya

The ultimate answer for interior and exterior decorative paint like no other, long lasting and weather resistant


A bag of wallmaster T3 covers an area of 9-10 sqm at a thickness of 3mm.

There are over 40 different colors available in hues of reds, greys, yellows and browns. Other shades can be manufactured on order.


Wallmaster T6 covers an area of 5sqm at a thickness of 6mm. The thickness allows textures to be etched onto the render and patterns cut to suit. Designer effects are limited to the creativity and imagination of the architect, interior designer, contractor or developer.


This is a rough textured finish that can either be straight, diagonal or circular grain finish.

For every three bags
wallmaster, one bag of grit is used. of

The combination of wall master and grit covers an area of 8-9 sqm per bag.

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Weight 40 kg