Scaffolding Safety Net 3mx50m Gauge 80gsm

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They are nets used at construction sites to prevent the accidental fall of people or construction materials from the site, or provide a softer landing should anyone fall off. These nets are provided when construction sites are more than 25 feet above the ground or water surface

  • 3M*50M
  • Delivery done
  • 80gsm light construction sites
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The Purpose and Benefits of Safety Netting

Looking for construction Net in Kenya? Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is the largest supplier of construction materials in East Africa.

Are you familiar with the purpose and benefits of safety netting in construction? Safety netting serves as a crucial precautionary measure on construction sites, aiming to protect workers and prevent injuries.

One key benefit of safety netting is its ability to catch falling debris or tools, reducing the risk of accidents below. This not only ensures a safer work environment but also minimizes property damage.

Moreover, safety netting provides a level of reassurance for workers working at heights by acting as a barrier that can break their fall in case of an accident. This added layer of protection instills confidence and peace of mind among construction crew members.

Implementing safety netting systems demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing worker safety on site, ultimately leading to increased productivity and efficiency in completing projects.

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