PVC Ceiling Heavy Gauge 18ft*1ft 6 Pack

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PVC ceiling Boards Heavy gauge is Kenya most used budget friendly ceiling boards that comes in various shades and designs. PVC ceiling or plastic ceilings are cheaper and easier to install if your budget can’t afford advanced ceiling systems such as gypsum ceiling

  • Variety of color and Designs
  • Tile and groove ceiling Panel
  • Size : 550cm Length by 20cm width
  • Coverage : 11 Square Meters
  • 1 Bundle 10Pcs
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Looking for PVC Ceiling boards in Kenya. Our high-quality PVC ceilings are durable, heat resistance and budget friendly. They are heavy gauge with a thickness of 8mm. The wooden shades of our PVC ceilings offer breath-taking wooden shade designs to complement your interior decor.

Because of their water resistance surfaces, the panels are suitable for exterior eves, gazebos and outdoor constructions. We produce and supply PVC ceiling boards in the sizes of 18ft20cm; 18ft25cm and 18ft*30cm. Do not worry, the prices of all the panels per bundle with a coverage of 11 square Metres is 4, 800 shillings as of 2022. Please call to confirm current prices because of indefinite changes of pricing due to unprecedented global market pressures

Benefits of PVC Ceiling Boards by Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

  • Universal characteristics: Any angle installation – horizontally, vertically or any other way.
  • Durability: Compared to wood, PVC Ceiling panels are termite resistant which gives them a longer lifespan
  • Easy installation: PVC Ceilings are easy to install you can also install by yourself. No special tools needed since they are tongue and groove
  • Varieties: PVC ceiling panels are available in a wide range of patterns, color and lightweight
  • Low maintenance: PVC ceiling panels are easy to maintain hence, take lesser human resources which lowers the overall cost eventually.
  • InsulationPVC ceiling panels are very much helpful in making the overall temperature of your home just ideal for you, thus increasing the efficiency of your air conditioners.
  • Fire resistant: PVC ceiling panels are fire resistant which makes them highly preferable for residential and commercial projects
  • Water resistant: PVC Ceilings are water resistant. Water can slip easily In case of water leakages,
  • Anti-mold and insect proof: PVC ceiling panels are 100% anti-mold and insect proof making them more hygienic.
  • Unlimited applications: PVC ceiling panels are ideal for all projects such as homes, theatres, spas, restaurants and bars, offices and more

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Dimensions 550 × 200 × 7.5 mm


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