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Gypsum Ceiling Supplies quality Plaster of Paris in Nairobi, Kenya. Our Plaster of paris can help you mould strong gypsum cornices, ceiling medallions, gypsum corners and other interior ornamental decorations. Plaster of Paris can also help you strengthen drywall corners. Order your plaster of paris at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies.

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Plaster of Paris commonly known as POP is made up from gypsum. Plaster of Paris contains the calcium sulfate hemihydrates   (CaSO4·0.5 H2O). This is prepared by heating the gypsum which contains calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4·2H2O) to a temperature about 150oC (120-180oC). Certain additives are added when heating. Plaster of Paris is a fine, white powder. When it is hydrated it can be used to mould things, and when allowed to dry, it hardens and retains the shape it is set to before drying.

Plaster of Paris and Gypsum Powder

  • Plaster of Paris is made from Gypsum.
  • Gypsum contains calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4·2H2O) and plaster of Paris contains calcium sulfate hemihydrates (CaSO4·0.5 H2O).
  • When added water to plaster of Paris (PoP), it will re-form into gypsum.
  • Plaster of Paris (PoP) can be moulded into different shapes when it is moistened, but gypsum does not have that property.
  • Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral whereas Plaster of Paris is manufactured.
  • It is used to make plaster, cement, to do ornamental work on ceiling, for room interiors, movie sets, architecture, sculptural arts, in

When you need to make repairs to drywall, such as patching holes, filling cracks or recovering unsightly seams, you have a choice of repair materials. Joint compound is the best option in most cases, but sometimes — such as when you’re repairing a plaster wall — you need something that sets more quickly and creates a harder surface that won’t sand away. Plaster of Paris — a material traditionally used by artists — is such a compound; it has similarities to two other alternatives: , but it isn’t the same

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