Gypsum Cornice Flowered GC07A – 100mm

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Cornice is a decorative crown moulding that is fitted along the top edges between the walls and ceilings of a room. It is fitted using cove adhesive spread along the full length of the cove top and bottom.


Gypsum Cornice is a major interior finishing component in residential and commercial projects in Kenya. It is one of the features that adds value and elegance when combined with other interior design concepts. We manufacture high quality gypsum cornices and deliver for free within Nairobi

Advantages of Gypsum Cornice

  • Molding: High quality, clear patterns, smooth level
  • Materials: 100% asbestos FREE and 100% pure gypsum powder with fiber glass.
  • Fire Resistance: It has passed the tests by Kenya Bureau of Standards KEBS and Testing of Fire Building Materials GB8624-2006 with a result of A1-grade standard.
  • Sound Absorbance: Sound absorbent is 48 dB. It is able to lower noise inside.
  • Moisture Resistance:  It can be very good control indoor air humidity adjust the indoor humidity and increase comfort.
  • Mould Resistance: No mould and no discoloring
  • Excellent in Appearance: It can be combined with many fashion designs, making good atmosphere, natural, harmonious, luxury, or high artistic effect.
  • Application: Office building, hotel, high-end residential villas, conference hall, clubs, leisure clubs, bars and so on.
  • High Strength:  About 6 mpa good strength and toughness about 800 n, impact resistant, not easy to fracture.
  • Environmentally Friendly:  Using inorganic composite materials made from pure natural, without any harmful substances and pollution gas, belonging to a green and environmentally friendly material.
  • Easy to Install:  Due to the surface of the product has good density gypsum at the grass-roots level, and because of the special production process, to ensure the high strength and smoothness, only need to handle the juncture, very small amount of putty powder to a surface and grinding can achieve excellent results, plank can stick, can dig, nail, saw, truly achieves zero wear and tear.


Gypsum Cornice has the same function but is usually more decorative and detailed Gypsum products have excellent insulation properties both thermal and acoustic and can offer very good passive fire protection, moisture resistance, impact resistance and vapor control when used in combination with the right systems

Additional information

Dimensions 2438.4 × 101.6 mm



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