Perforated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles 600mmx600mm

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Gypsum Ceiling Tiles for Any Space including residential and commercial spaces

  • Discount on Bulk Orders
  • Size: 60mm*600mm
  • Perforated for Enhanced Sound absorption
  • 8Pcs in 1 Ctn
  • Coverage 2.88M2
  • Foil on the back and Front Vinyl
  • Price Per Square Metre with Fittings Available (includes: Gypsum Tiles, Main Tee, Small Tee, Long Tee and Wall Angle)
  • Call to Order Tell: 0703200300


The perforated gypsum ceiling tiles best Acoustical Tiles for Auditoriums, Conference Rooms & Educational Institutes coupled with Stylish PVC Laminated Tiles for aesthetics & easy to clean applications in offices, boutiques, shops and much more.

From specialized tiles for Hygienic, Health & Clean Room Application for Healthcare, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical labs to Maintenance Free & Moisture Resistant Tiles for wet area application. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies’s ceiling tiles range makes it easy to create the right ceiling for any space.

Best Performance Ceiling Tiles in Kenya

Perforated Gypsum ceiling tiles having 60cm all sides, with regular round perforations and backed by an acoustical fleece and having Activ’Air cleaning powder to ensure sustainable reduction in air pollutants such as formaldehyde

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