Gypsum Ceiling Design – Simple Plain G07

KSh 2,400.00

Simple is Elegant! Sometimes overdoing the ceilings destroys the aesthetic appearance of a room. This design will complement with any interior furnishing and can be installed in any room – small or large

  • Priced per square Metre
  • Buy Materials and get Installation Quote Separate
  • Charges applicable anywhere in Kenya
  • Save on westage by Choosing Supply and fix
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Simple gypsum Ceiling design we say ‘ Simple is elegant’. If you’re exploring gypsum ceiling designs for that are neutral, budget friendly and simple for any room. Why a gypsum ceiling:

  • It’s an aesthetic call and you just want to beautify your ceiling.
  • You want to hide particular flaws or conceal some wiring up there.
  • Maybe the height of your room is more than what you would prefer, and you want the false ceiling — or what is also known as a drop ceiling or a down ceiling — to level it altogether.
  • You want to make your home quieter and reduce the noise.

Living room – the perfect place for bold design decisions. Volumetric gypsum ceiling will be a good addition to any style. Aristocratic Victorian, gentle Provence, elegant classics emphasize symmetrical vaults, arches and stucco.
Gypsum beams can be attached to a cheerful country loft or a spacious loft. For a restrained modern or laconic Japanese style, strict geometric shapes will do.

If you place the upper tier of the ceiling in the center in a narrow frame of the lower level, the living room will appear higher and lighter. But at the same time, it is worthwhile to abandon the overhanging chandelier in favor of a wide flat canopy.

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