Gypsum Ceiling – Simple Design G06

KSh 2,500.00

Sample gypsum Ceiling design especially dedicated for a standard sized bedroom. Can be installed in Town Houses, Farm houses, rural homes, and commercial spaces. Excellent for apartments with long heights

  • Priced per square Metre
  • Buy Materials and get Installation Quote Separate
  • Charges applicable anywhere in Kenya
  • Save on westage by Choosing Supply and fix
  • Technical Assistance on 0706200300



  • To begin with, you could try this extremely simple tray design. The edges are lower than the rest, giving your ceiling a neat border. It helps define the ceiling while still keeping the focus on the room and its beautiful interiors. To maintain the elegance of the design, install warm recessed lights that look minimal and emanate a soft glow.
  • If you want to keep it basic, take a look at this simple gypsum ceiling design which covers the length and breadth of the bedroom. A cove false ceiling like this accommodates lighting through recessed lights along the edges and through LED strips inside the cove.

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