Gypsum Board Blue Swan 9mm 4ftx8ft

KSh 840.00

Blue Swan is a cost effective Plasterboard for standard performance and used as best substrate where SEAMLESS FINISH is required.

 Blue Swan is the ultimate solution for today’s buildings, providing cost effective Partition, gypsum ceiling & Drylining performance to help create modern internal environments that enable comfort and safety for occupants. Product Application includes;

Best to use for Walls, Ceiling, Corridors and Auditoria, in buildings as diverse as Offices, Schools, Hospitals and Residences.

  • Technical Assistance Available
  • Size is 1200*2400*9mm
  • Transport Available


Blue Swan gypsum board 9mm is a budget friendly gypsum board with a price tag of 800 shillings Wholesale price? We stock blue Swan 9mm and 12mm across our branch networks. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a National leader in ceilings, insulation and many interior decoration products.  Blue Swan gypsum board is available in 9mm and 12mm thicknesses – manufactured in regular and moisture rated versions. Give us a call for technical and sales assistance on 0703200300

Blue Swan Features

  • Lightweight: It is relatively lighter and easy to fix. You can purchase all together gypsum accessories at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies
  • Sound control: The board is sound proof so preferably used in portioning of spaces to create more privacy.
  • Versatility: Uses of Blue Swan gypsum board in construction is suitable for ceilings, partitions corridor, bedrooms, sitting areas etc . it is adaptable for use in every type of construction-commercial, institutional and residential
  • Rigid and flat: The gypsum board is rigid ad flat meaning it does not loose shape when it has been used/fixed. How it is fixed its how it will remain in years to come thus making it more economical to use in construction.
  • Beautiful finish and great effect: Besides its affordability, the plasterboard offers beautiful, stylish and attractive finish that brings a ‘WOW’ factor
  • Fire resistance: Gypsum will not support combustion, when fire occurs, crystallized water in gypsum is released and turns into steam to help combat flames and heat. Portioning wall by gypsum board can resist fire to burn up to maximum 4 HOURS thus minimize casualties

You can construct an elegant gypsum ceiling design by combining Blue Swan gypsum boards, Hada gypsum board, gyproc gypsum board, knauf gypsum board and the required Gypsum Ceiling Accessories. Purchase ceiling accessories online at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

Why Gypsum Ceiling Supplies?

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a one stop ceilings and Insulation supplier in Kenya with branches Countrywide. Order online on 0703200300 or visit our branch locations in Nairobi and Kisumu for building materials you can trust. Our expert technical sales team is ready to offer free advise on all our products. Some of our products includes; Gypsum boards, ceiling tiles, cornices, sandwich panels, gypsum studs and gypsum channels. Others include; crown mouldings, wall panels, soundproofing materials, heat insulation materials such as rock wool and fiberglass insulation

Bathrooms and moist areas, always use the moisture resistant gypsum board, gyproc is most recommended. For gypsum partitions, we usually recommend the 12mm Hada gypsum board or any 12mm related brand. Before you checkout, visit our page talking about other gypsum boards and ceiling accessories 

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 2400 × 9 mm



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