Fiber Cement Planks Cladding Panels 2.4m*0.2m

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Fiber Cement Planks available in stock

  • Plank Size is 2.4m*0.2m*8mm
  • Color Off white. Can be painted any color
  • Mahogany stain can also be applied
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  • Available in all our Branches
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Fiber Cement planks are water resistant cladding materials used for residential and commercial construction. They are a better option than timber, plywood and other materials due to their durability water resistance, moisture proof and fire rated properties. Fiber cement boards are composite materials made of sand, Portland cement and cellulose fibers that makes it strong

Why use fiber cement planks for your interior and exterior projects? Compared to drywall, the fiber cement boards are strong and can withstand high moisture content and water leaks

Fiber Cement Water resistant planks Fiber cement board cladding

Application of Fiber Cement Planks

  • Exterior cladding of residential sections replacing timber which tends to rot quickly
  • Bathroom sections
  • Exteriors decoration of commercial buildings
  • Can be used as water rated ceiling panels
  • They can be used as fascia boards replacing the 6*1 timber

How to Install Fiber Cement Planks?

Fiber Cement planks are installed using corrosion resistant screws. They have very little movement under thermal stress but are installed with a slight gap. This gap is filled with a Silicone sealant. The sealed gaps are sealed like how a normal gypsum board is sealed, or rather, they are taped. Although fiber cement planks are taped with fiberglass tapes which is what makes these boards water resistant. This combined with impermeable finish makes cement boards stable and durable!

Additional information

Dimensions 2400 × 20 × 8 mm

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