Cross Tee Runner 600mm Short – Acoustic Ceiling Grid

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Cross Tee Runner 600mm also known as Small Tee or Short Tee. Best Priced Cross Tee runner 600mm for suspended ceiling tiles. Other required profiles for ceiling tile installation are Medium Tee, Main Tee and Wall Angle. (We have China Tiles, Armstrong and AMF. Which one do you like? Just Call)

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We supply high quality cross tee grid for ceiling tile suspension. Our Tee grid system Is sourced from reputable manufacturers like Armstrong, AMF and others. They are fire rated, easy to hung and come in white color to complement the standard color for acoustic ceiling tiles. Together with ceiling tiles, they offer excellent acoustic and aesthetic benefits. The suspended grid system are designed to handle ceiling tiles of sizes 600x600mm and 600x1200mm

Installing the suspended ceiling grid system is very easy. The continuous main runner T shapes (3600mm) are suspended from the structure above by galvanized binding wires. Then, Short Tees (600mm) and medium Tees (1200mm) profiles connect to the main runner Tee shapes to make a firmly fixed framing of either 600x600mm or 600x1200mm depending with ceiling tile size. Wall angles which are L shaped are attached to the walls around the edge of the room. Finally, ceiling tiles are dropped into the grid to finish the ceiling.

We have two common trims used to hold ceiling Tee grid at the walls. The standard shape is the Wall Angle. Also available is a Shadow Molding, which creates a shadow line along the edge of the room.

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Dimensions 600 mm