PVC Ceilings

PVC Ceiling panels are now the go to ceiling systems in Kenya when looking for budget friendly yet durable type of ceiling. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies imports PVC ceilings that are suitable for residential and commercial houses. Some of the advantages of PVC Ceilings supplied by Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Ltd includes; Water resistant, moisture retardant, Heat insulating, strong, durable, natural wood look and cheaper compared to other types of false ceilings. Our PVC ceiling panels has a wide coverage area at low cost. Type one consist of 6pcs with dimensions of 18ft*30cm*8mm, type two has 8pcs with dimensions of 18ft*25cm*8mm and type 3 has 10 pcs with dimensions 18ft*20cm*8mm. Any one the types of PVC Ceiling heavy gauge covers an area of 11 square Metres.

PVC Ceiling Heavy Gauge – Installation

PVC ceiling panels are easy to install and can be installed by any carpenter or specialized ceiling installer. They can be suspended on 2*2 timber or metal studs and channels using tack nails or screws. It is highly recommended to take the necessary levels and alignments to achieve a leveled ceiling. We also install PVC ceiling heavy gauge at a cost. Get in touch on Tel: 0703200300.

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