Gypsum Ceiling Materials in Kenya

Looking for gypsum Ceiling Materials? We have combined a list of the most recommended gypsum ceiling materials for easy understanding and ordering. Some of the most required products include 9mm regular gypsum ceiling boards, gypsum ceiling studs, gypsum ceiling channels, gypsum ceiling plaster/filler, gypsum drywall screws, gypsum fiber tape, gypsum corner tapes, sandpaper, covermatt paint, cornices and medallions.

The price of a gypsum materials varies depending with the type and quality of the intended product. For instance, in our list you will note that we have premium gypsum boards such as Gyproc gypsum board from Thailand and Knauf gypsum board from UK we also local brands. Gypsum ceiling boards prices also varies based on the chemical combinations within the core.

Finally, gypsum ceiling requires expert ceiling designer who can actualize a levelled, well finished ceiling that can complement perfectly with the room fixtures and furnishings

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