Ceiling Tiles

Gypsum Ceiling supplies offers a wide range of ceiling tiles from reputable manufacturers in the World such as Armstrong, Knauf, Rockfon, Saint Gobain and G. tiles. We are a market leader in supplying ceiling tiles for commercial, residential and industrial spaces in Kenya and East Africa. Our Ceiling tiles are light-weight construction products used to cover ceiling spaces while offering useful functionalities such as sound absorption, fire resistance, interior aesthetic, conceal pipes, ducts, wiring and imperfections.

The ceiling tiles are produced in the sizes of 60cm*60cm or 120cm*60cm with varying thicknesses from 9mm to 20mm. The panels are easily placed in special aluminium grid system (Main Tee, Medium Tee, Short Tee and Wall Angle) suspended on the roof or slab using galvanized binding wire or approved reinforcement. Ceiling Tiles are useful in retail stores, hospitals, offices, gymnasium, residential, recording studios, hotels and the list is endless.

From sustainable mineral solutions, to durable metal and acoustically optimized wood and wood wool solutions, our ceiling tile shapes, textures and colors inspire sustainable design solutions that turn interior spaces into amazing experiences.

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