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Fiber Cement Board Prices in Nairobi Kenya

Fiber Cement Water resistant planks

Fiber Cement board prices in Kenya depends with sizes and thicknesses. We sale 6mm, 12mm and 15mm fiber cement boards. The water resistant boards for exterior and interior applications

Gypsum Boards Fire Resistance

Gyproc Fire Resistant Gypsum Boards 12.5mm at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

Gypsum board systems can provide fire protection up to 180 min. by using the right boards and right thicknesses. The fire resistance of gypsum board can be described using three distinct terms: regular core, type ‘X’ core and improved type ‘X’ core. Regular core gypsum board is made of a noncombustible core material composed mainly of gypsum. Although it does not have the specially enhanced fire-resistivity properties of type ‘X’, regular core gypsum board affords a degree of natural fireRead More …

Fiber Cement Boards Prices in Kenya

Fiber cement boards

Fiber cement board is a building material made of Portland cement reinforced with cellulose fibers and sand. Fiber cement boards is used for interior and exterior spaces that require water resistant boards as well as moisture and fire ratings. Did you know there is a difference between Fiber Cement board (FCB) and Cement Board (CB)? Cement board does not contain reinforced fibers and they tend to break easily when mishandled but still offer the same purpose as Fiber Cement Board.Read More …