Pipe Insulation Materials in Nairobi, Kenya

Rockwool insulation materials kenya

Insulating and lagging pipework makes sense on so many levels that it really is a no-brainer.

Some of the obvious reosons pipes are insulated are;

  • Energy loss – Expecially pipes that carry hot water in residential and commercial plumbing system
  • Safety – To protect people against extreme hot or cold. If the pipework is operating at exceptionally high or low temperatures and someone comes into physical contact with the pipe surface, injuries can easily occur. Pipe insulation can ensure that surface touch temperatures remain within a safe range.
  • Energy SavingsPipe insulation can provide significant energy savings by preventing heat (or cold) loss over longer distances by introducing thermal resistance and reducing heat flow from the pipe to the outside air.
  • Economy – Related to energy saving, a well-insulated pipework system will help cut running costs and save on maintenance.
  • Unwanted Noise – Finally, temperature control is not the only reason to fit pipe insulation. It can also help limit unwanted noise. Pipework can operate as a conduit for sounds to travel from one part of a building to another. Acoustic insulation can prevent this by ‘dampening’ the pipe wall wherever the pipe passes through a fixed wall or floor and wherever the pipe is mechanically fixed.

Types of Pipe Insulation

There are different types of pipe insulation in the World. The most commonly used pipe insulation in Kenya includes

Polyethylene Pipe Insulation

Suitable for medium range temperatures such as plumbing piping systems, solar piping systems, HVAC solutions

  • Water durable: Closed-cell foam, non-water-absorbing, moisture-proof.
  • Rot resistant: Seawater, oil, acid and alkali durable; antibacterial, safe, odorless and non-polluting.
  • Easy processing: Continuous; easy hotpress shaping, casting, gluing and joining.
  • Shockproof: Good flexibility and anti-hardening; excellent shockproof and cushion capability.
  • Heat preservation: Excellent heat insulation, anti-cold, non-frosting and insulation enduring capabilities. 
  • Sound insulation: Closed-cell foam, good sound insulation capability.