T&G Wood Ceiling

Tongue and Groove – T&G Ceiling

Looking for Tongue and groove wooden ceiling commonly known as T&G? At gypsum Ceilings and Interior, we will help you supply and fix it at competitive rates in Kenya. T&G is best suited for rooms, verandas and exterior eves of any residential house or commercioffice

Installing a t&g paneled ceiling is possible as a one-person project, but parts of it are much easier with two people.

The basic process involves cutting each piece so it fits nicely to any neighboring pieces and it ends, or “breaks,” over the center of a ceiling joist (or a roof rafter, on a cathedral or vaulted ceiling). The planks are nailed directly to the framing with finish nails. Most of them are “face-nailed” through the tongues of the planks so that the nails are hidden by the grooved edges of the planks in the next row.

The tricky parts of tng paneling are getting the boards to straighten out (many will be slightly warped or otherwise imperfect), getting the joints to fit tightly, and keeping the rows in straight lines so they remain parallel to the walls on both sides of the ceiling. If you finish the planks with stain or other finish material, it’s usually best to apply the finish before the installation. Other than the finishing work, installing wood paneling is very low-mess work, especially compared to drywall.