Office Interiors

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Good office interior design can essentially support, as well as enhance your company in many ways. Therefore, it is a key element towards the success of your business.

It is worthwhile to think about it in this way: A significant number of hours are spent within the workplace, especially for the average worker today. Therefore, it is fundamental that the surroundings are not only fit for purpose and support your employees needs but that it is also a comfortable, visually appealing and welcoming environment.

Offices nowadays are furnished in a more atmospheric way than they were in the times when grey walls and fluorescent lighting dominated the majority of the interior. By picking the right colors, good lighting, acoustics, furniture, plants and art you’re taking a step in the right direction regarding your interior design. Picking a color which creates the right mind-set and fits the usage of your office space is very important.

Your office space is starting to become your business card and it’s important that your office interior design reflects your corporate identity. You can go for a professional and modern look by displaying luxurious interior design. Are you aiming for a more personal image? Then let Gypsum Ceilings and Interiors start on your office design today. Call us to schedule a meeting with our professional designers

Our Solutions

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a registered Kenyan owned interior design firm specializing in the supply and Installation of Gypsum Ceilings, partitioning, acoustical solutions and other interior fit-outs for residential and corporate projects in Kenya. . Our certified range of solutions are crafted by a professional team consisting of Interior Designers, craftsmen, technicians with a common goal ‘Transform ideas into extraordinary realities’. CONTACT US FOR STUNNING AND ELEGANT RESIDENTIAL GYPSUM CEILING DESIGNS AND BE PART OF OTHER 500+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ACROSS KENYA