Lorry Truck Transport From Nairobi to Kisumu

Are you looking for safe, secure and best rated building materials transporter from Nairobi to Kisumu and vise versa? Gypsum Ceiling Supplies fleet of freight transport – Lorry trucks and pickups delivery will sort you out. We transport and deliver your building materials promptly, on-time and within 24 hours. Our logistic department initiate door to door deliveries in Kisumu, Siaya, Homabay, Busia, Bungoma, Migori, Kisii and all the Counties in those areas.

Whether you have tiles, boards, pipes, household items, tanks and any transportable materials, we will deliver. Our lorry trucks capacity range from 2 tons to 28 tons so you don’t have to worry about capacity

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies transport Kenya

We have a fleet of pickups, small, medium and large lorries able to carry any load capacity either from Nairobi to Kisumu or From Kisumu to Nairobi. Call for price enquiries on Tell: 0704900900

For in-hose products, please check our Shipping Policy

Our Lorry Transport Charges from Kisumu to Nairobi

Due to increase of fuel and road levy, we slightly adjusted our prices to 100 shillings per Kilometre. Your goods on transit are fully secured and insured providing you a worry free waiting

Loading and Unloading

If you purchased goods from Gypsum Ceiling Supplies, the loading is done by our respecting team at our warehouses. Our logistic team don’t load or unload goods, it is the responsibility of the owner to arrange the loading and unloading without affecting our service delivery. At certain occasions, we combine loads and reduce on transport cost, we call it shared costs’

Shared Delivery Costs

If your load is not much, we can combine two loads that can reduce on costs but such arrangements can delay the delivery lead time to atleast 7 days

Why Use Our Delivery Trucks for Transporting Goods

Delivery trucks are an essential part of the logistics industry. They play a crucial role in transporting goods from one location to another efficiently and safely. Whether it’s delivering packages to customers’ doorsteps or transporting goods between distribution centers, delivery trucks are the backbone of the supply chain in Kenya and around the World.

Our trucks are specifically designed to handle various types of cargo, ranging from small parcels to bulky items. They often come equipped with features like spacious cargo compartments, sturdy suspension systems, and specialized loading mechanisms to ensure goods are protected during transit.

With advancements in technology, our delivery trucks are more eco-friendly. We are even transitioning to electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

Efficient route planning and logistics management are also key factors in optimizing the delivery process. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies leverage route optimization software and real-time tracking systems to streamline operations and provide accurate estimated arrival times to customers.

About Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a local producer and importer of ceiling systems and insulation materials from World leading brands. We connect the Eastern African Market to the World. With our fleet and efficient transport system and building materials, you have everything under one roof. Give us a call on 0704900900