Knauf Ceiling Solutions in Kenya


Gypsum Ceiling Supplies believe that the ceiling is an integral part of every interior space. It gives us a wonderful sense of well-being and safety. A seamless connection between form and function, it enhances and protect the spaces in which we live, work, recover and gr-ow. It balances acoustic, provides healthy air to breath and influences how we think and feel.

Ultimately, it is our customer who create the perfect space using our solutions to help them realize more exiting visions, it gets more exciting when two of the worlds most recognized ceiling manufactures, Armstrong Ceiling Solution and Knauf AMF have combined strengths to offer the best of both in one market-leading brand – knauf Ceiling Solutions.


Spectacular projects can only become reality if possible, between functionality and design live in harmony. Our new harmonized Mineral solution range enables customers endless varieties of shape, size and edges designs in all system layouts.

The high-quality mineral tiles are produced in a wet-felt tile process that uses natural, sustainable raw materials, including bio soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch.

BY embodying the best of both worlds and building on our long-standing experience, knauf Ceiling Solutions is setting the standard for safety comfort, efficiency and performance. With a boundless multi material approach that enables you to experience more choice, more inspiration and more support, to help find the unique solution you’re looking for.

Your Ultimate Ceiling Experts in Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies produces and supplies Gypsum-based building materials and false ceiling systems in Kenya. We are a market leader in Plaster, Dry Lining and ceilings that improves well being in living spaces with innovative, effective and sustainable systems. Our products are an integral, functional, design and sustainable component of modern and interior architecture. Some of our brands include; Armstrong, Knauf Ceilings, Saint Gobain Gyproc, Grassrock – World renown manufacturers in Gypsum boards, building plasters, metal profiles, ceiling tiles and related accessories. We also manufacture and supply high quality metal profiles such as drywall studs, gypsum channels, drywall wall angle. Our local focus coupled with our segmented approach (education, healthcare, hospitality, residential) allows us to provide you with the best products for your specific needs. Order online or visit our locations for comprehensive technical assistance. We guarantee best prices and transportation of materials to your location on time