Jointing & Finishing

Jointing and Finishing is the Process Through which Gypsum Boards Systems are Transformed into smooth, Structurally Sound Walls and Ceilings. This Process Eventually Determines the Look of the Interiors.

Gypsum filler is used for smoothing and plastering concrete, brickwork, aerated concrete and building boards to produce wall and ceiling surfaces which are ready for papering and painting. For filling and closing large depressions, joints (e.g. in precast concrete ceilings), holes/openings, cracks and apertures. Also for placing gypsum planks and for doweling and
fixing installations and faucets. Only for indoor use – not in wet areas

  • Manufactured from high quality raw materials. Gyproc® Jointing™ provides a fine and smooth finish, as well as an easy application and sanding.
  • For wall applications and to increase strength in the corner of the wall. For example : schools, hospitals, living rooms, etc.