How to Calculate Gypsum Ceiling Quotation in Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Large Lounge

Have you considered the need to get gypsum ceiling estimation? This is how to Calculate gypsum ceiling materials at a glance. Installing a gypsum ceiling is one of the best choices a house owner can make when considering the perfect ceiling for a home. In Kenya, builders have embraced this suspended ceiling technology because of the major advantages it contains compared to other ceiling options.

Here are 10 Advantages of a Gypsum Ceiling System

and Why You Should Consider Installing

  • Fire Resistant: Gypsum board and the materials used to install are in the category of fire resistance. In case of fire outbreak be sure to save your household because the system delays fire escalation
  • Heat Resistant: One of the reason we install a ceiling is the need to reduce or eliminate roof heat or radiant heat. With a gypsum ceiling in place, your house remains cooler in hot seasons. No sweating while relaxing in your house
  • Soundproofing: Unlike other ceiling options in the market, a gypsum ceiling is capable of reducing sound waves from the roof to certain decibels. If you want a complete sound blocking solution, you can combine this ceiling system with our most rated soundproofing blankets such as Rockwool or glass wool.
  • Aesthetical Finishing: One aspect i love the gypsum ceiling is its appearance after installation. If done by professionals, the system reveals the interior beauty especially when blended with other interior décor. Gypsum boards can be crafted into any type of shape and designs to compliment with furnishings and general interior elements

Now, getting the exact list of materials needed to install a gypsum ceiling project can be tricky. If you don’t estimate it right, you might get disappointed due to escalation of additional or excessive materials. Today, I will show you how you can calculate the requirements specifically the gypsum boards and metal studs framing.

Getting Ceiling Quotation for Gypsum Boards

First and foremost, you need to determine if you want to use the regular gypsum boards, moisture resistant gypsum boards or fire rated gypsum boards. Secondly, your preferred plasterboard brand whether it is Hada, Gyproc Gypsum Board, Decor or Knauf brands. The Gyproc brand manufactured by Saint Gobain from Thailand is somehow costly but remains top quality in the Kenyan market. Knauf gypsum board is another multinational brand liked due to its quality standards.

On the other hand, Hada is a most preferred, budget friendly brand when you are considering budget friendliness, in fact, Hada gypsum board has a higher market share in Kenya than any other brand in the market. Overall, the choice remains your own, the house owner. ‘Mfuko ni wako, Mjengo ni wako. Fundi ni wa kujenga

Did you know all gypsum ceiling boards are manufactured in the sizes of Length1200*Width2400. 9mm Gypsum ceiling board is the most recommended thickness used for residential ceiling. Why? because it is lightweight and can withstand the normal structural loads on concrete slabs and roofs in Kenya.

Typical Gypsum Ceiling Quotation for a Standard Sitting Room

The standard size of a typical sitting room in Kenya is 30 square Meters. So make sure you measure the L*W (Length & Width) of the room you want to fix a false ceiling.

Step 1: Getting the gypsum board quantities. A gypsum board has 2.88 square Metres. Therefore 30/2.88m2 = 10.4Pcs. On top of the 10.4pcs of gypsum boards required, you will add 2pcs for wastage and an extra 4pcs incase of a designer gypsum ceiling with bulkheads – totaling to 16pcs.

Quotation for Gypsum Studs/Channels

Gypsum metal profiles also known us drywall metal profiles are another major element required when fixing a gypsum ceiling. At Gypsum Ceiling Supplies, we manufacture high quality metal profiles accredited by quality assurance organizations. The profiles we stock includes, gypsum studs, gypsum channels, wall angle, corner beads, Vkeel channels, studs for Vkeel, furring channels and all the related accessories such as hangers, screw anchors and clips.

We produce our profiles in the gauges of 0.45mm – the most recommended by building standards Worldwide. You will definitely get lower gauges in the market but use it at your own risk – they might not be strong to withstand the ceiling load. Therefore don’t just look at the price without considering the quality, durability and longevity of your project. One of the outstanding advantages of our metal profiles is the ability to withstand the ceiling load. You can use them to suspend both 9mm and 12mm gypsum boards.

How do you estimate the quantities of metal profiles? Well, the two types of metal profiles – studs and channels usage can be calculated in the ratio of 4:2 especially per board. So if we get back to our measurements above, we will further multiply 16*4 for the studs and 16*2 for the channels. Please note that this estimate is based on detailed gypsum designer ceiling

Quotation for Gypsum Ceiling Cornices

For the people who love cornices, this is your part. we have two varieties of cornices – Gypsum cornices and Fiber PU cornices. All cornices have standard sizes of 2.4 Metres. We stock plain and flowered types of different sizes including 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm.

To get the quantities, measure the linear Metres of all the perimeter walls in Metres, then divide by 2.4 Metres. Add atleast 5pcs for wastage.

Calculate Gypsum Ceiling Accessories

When i say accessories i mean the drywall finishing products including; gyproc filler, fiber tapes, corner tapes, gypsum screws, self drilling screws, hardplast glue (For PU Cornices) just to name a few. I will let you guess the quantities of a 30 square metre room.

Disclaimer: THE ABOVE CALCULATIONS ARE ESTIMATES. OBJECT RELATED DEFFERENCES CAN OCCUR. The estimations remains the sole opinion from the Author who has worked on different projects in Kenya. You can get actual and accurate estimates from our tecnicians by calling or sending a whatsup message 0703200300