Gypsum Materials in Kenya

Gyproc gypsum boards kenya

Quality gypsum materials for your project at best rates in Kenya. Gypsum board can be fastened to either metal studs. The gypsum boards which are manufactured in the size of 4ft*8ft are cut to size and attached to the metal studs using gypsum screws. The joints, or lines where two separate gypsum boards meet, are then filled with joint filler and covered with gypsum tape, a narrow strip of special self adhessive fiber net – together with joint filler holds two gypsum panels or joints together. The joints on the ceiling boards and partitions boards are then sanded smooth with fine sandpaper. Finally, a coat of undercoat paint is applied to ensure a uniform surface for final painting.

Bellow is a list of gypsum materials for residential and commercial projects.

Browse our gypsum ceiling design catalogue for your bedrooms, sitting room, corridor, verandah and bathrooms

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