Gypsum Ceiling Kisumu

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Welcome to Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kisumu Branch. We stock gypsum ceiling materials and related interior decoration products for residential and commercial construction. Our expert consultants can advise on the best materials you can use keeping into consideration quality and affordability. We serve and transport gypsum materials in all Counties and towns of Western and Nyanza regions

Why would you choose us? Beside free consultation, we sale our products at Wholesale prices. Our Sales technicians will advise on the best materials based on your budget and class. It is very important to select the recommended profiles and gypsum boards that are fire rated, strong and able to withstand extreme temperatures for a long time. You wouldn’t want a ceiling to fall on your head without notice!

Gypsum Ceiling Materials Available for Sale in Kisumu

  • Gypsum ceiling boards (Gyproc, Thump, Blue Swan) gyproc being a premium gypsum board
  • Gypsum metal profiles (Studs, Channels, Angle, furring channels)
  • Wall and ceiling fillers (Sahara, gyproc, hada)
  • Screws (Gypsum Screws, Self drilling, roof screws, self tapping
  • GCS roof insulation foil faced (3mm, 5mm and 10mm)
  • PVC Ceilings heavy gauges
  • Wall and Ceiling panels (Wainscoting, Fluted, PVC Marble sheet)
  • Soundproofing Blankets (Rockwool, Fiberglass, Polyethylene foam)
  • Ceiling Tiles (Acoustic tiles, Gypsum tiles, Metal tiles)

One Stop Gypsum Ceiling Supplier in Kisumu

Residential Gypsum Ceiling

Everyone loves a great first impression and the same applies to our homes. When guests walk in, we all do our very best to ‘WOW’ them. Now, with a Gypsum designer ceiling you can do just that. Browse through our array of classy, cheerful, adventurous and artistic ceiling designs for inspiration. After all, great décor is the first step to an enviable first impression.

Multilevel false gypsum board ceiling designs are very popular all over the world in the modern interior. Gypsum board false ceiling designs are able to make the interior space more comfortable and get rid of its monotony.
Gypsum board ceiling design – it is one of the most affordable opportunity to highlight the design of the room, to improve its sound insulation and just perfect smooth the surface. A variety of geometric gypsum board design catalogue, the original color schemes, amazing light built in gypsum board designs – all this can transform the interior of your house
Gypsum designs for ceiling are a great option for living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining and family room

Buy Gypsum Boards and Accessories at Wholesale Prices

We have a wide range of gypsum boards and many interior decorating products. Buy all your ceilings and insulation products at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Branches in Kenya. We also have roof heat insulation and soundproofing products onboard