Gypsum Ceiling Stockist in Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya

Best, affordable and efficient gypsum ceiling stockist in Kenya. We currently have branches in Westlands and Ruai Eastern Bypass. Other upcoming branches in Kisumu, Homabay, Eldoret and Mombasa. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Ltd is a dedicated ceiling system supplier, manufacturer, importer and stockist. We also have all related metal profiles and accessories necessary for gypsum false ceiling system

One Stop Gypsum Ceiling Stockist in Kenya

Why gypsum Ceiling system? Gypsum Ceiling System provides enclosures and separation between spaces, they help control the diffusion of light and sound within a room. Aside from its beautiful appearance, Gypsum Ceilings also help prevent the passage of sound from one room to the other. Gypsum boards have fire resistant properties and may also accommodate building services such as vents, lighting, sprinkler heads and so on, as well as being able to conceal other services such as ducts, pipes and wiring.

Why Visit Gypsum Ceiling Supplies as your Preferred Ceiling Expert?

If you are thinking of installing a designer gypsum ceiling for your house or business premise anywhere in Kenya, Well, you don’t need to do it yourself or hire an armature then end up with poor workmanship. We sale internationally certified gypsum boards, metal profiles, screws, fillers, plasters and related accessories. Gypsum Ceiling supplies also offers free consultation and installation services at very affordable rates. You can visit our showrooms in Westlands and Ruai bypass and talk to our experts. Our dedicated team of certified installers charge between Ksh800 to Ksh1, 000 per square Meter. The estimated cost of gypsum ceiling boards and related accessories ranges between Ksh1500 and Ksh2000 Kenya Shillings. You can call us on 0706200300 or 0703200300

Largest Gypsum Ceiling Stockist – Some of our Product Brands

Gyproc Gypsum Board

Gyproc Gypsum board is a ceiling board manufactured by Saint Gobain Thailand. We offer Wholesale and retail prices. The board is manufactured in different thicknesses of 9.5mm and 12mm. The standard dimension of the board is 1.2m*2.4m. Gyproc gypsum board is highly rated across the World and has been in existence for over a Century.

Finally, we stock 3 varieties of the Gyproc board; Gyproc board regular, Moisture Resistant and Fire rated

Hada Gypsum Board

Hada gypsum board is a budget friendly plasterboard manufactured in the thicknesses of 9mm and 12mm. In comparison, Hada gypum board cannot match the extra qualities of Gyproc gypsum board, it still remains popular in the Kenyan market. You can buy 9mm hada gypsum board and 12mm hada gypsum board on our product page

Gypsum Studs and Gypsum Channels

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya now manufactures high quality drywall metal profiles in Kenya. The gypsum studs and gypsum channels comes in thicknesses of 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm and 0.5mm to meet different building standards and specifications. We also have size 50mm used for ceiling systems and 65mm or 75mm used for strong drywall partitions specifically for offices. Consequently, using our metal studs and channels will drastically reduce on your cost of installing a gypsum false ceiling. You don’t need to install the 2*2 timber brandering.

Gypsum Plaster and Joint Filler

Our high quality non cracking plaster and joint filler includes; Gyproc gypsum filler (highly recommended for gypsum ceiling board finishing), Sahara filler and Hada filler best used for wall skimming and plastering.

Gypsum Ceiling Accessories

To compliment our high quality products, we import gypsum ceiling accessories from reputable manufacturers in the World. Our product set guarantees durability, strength and excellent fire ratings. Some of the ceiling accessories we import and supply in East Africa includes; Drywall screws, gypsum fiber tape, sandpaper, gypsum corner tape, self drilling screws, steel nails and much more

Other Smart Products Available at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

At Gypsum Ceiling Supplies, we have many other award winning brands;

  • Cornices (Gypsum type and PU type
  • Medallions (Gypsum and PU)
  • Decorative wall panels,
  • Armstrong Acoustic ceilings
  • AMF Acoustic Ceilings
  • Rockwool Insulation
  • Glass wool Insulation
  • GCS Roof Insulation with reflective foil
  • Styrofoam EPS Sheets
  • New technology water heaters.

You can check some of them on our platforms. Give us a call for free consultation on 0703200300 or 0706200300