Gypsum Ceiling Mumias

Get all your gypsum ceiling boards and accessories delivered to you from our nearest Kisumu Branch 0743663663

  • Gyproc Gypsum Boards – Size 2400mmx1200mmx9mm and 2400x1200mmx12mm. Available in regular, fire resistant and Moisture resistant (This is Most preferred Premium quality brand manufactured by Saint Gobain Thailand)
  • Knauf Gypsum Boards – 2400mmx1200mmx9.5mm and 2400x1200mmx12.5mm. Available in regular, moisture resistant and fire resistant (This is the second most preferred brand manufactured by Knauf Egypt)
  • Hada Gypsum Boards: 2400mmx1200mmx9.5mm and 2400x1200mmx12mm. Available in regular gypsum boards (Preferred because of its pocket friendly prices
  • Gyproc gypsum board by Saint Gobain is a trusted brand due to its superior quality in the international market.