Gypsum Ceiling Materials Price List

Hada Gypsum Board 9mm Gypsum 4ft*8ft Plasterboards

What are the requirements for gypsum ceiling?

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies produces and supplies Gypsum-based building materials and false ceiling systems in Kenya. We are market leader in Plaster, Dry Lining and ceilings that improves well being in living spaces with innovative, effective and sustainable systems. Our products are an integral, functional, design and sustainable component of modern and interior architecture. Some of our brands include; Gypsum boards, building plasters, metal profiles, ceiling tiles and related accessories. Our local focus coupled with our segmented approach (education, healthcare, hospitality, residential) allows us to provide you with the best products for your specific needs. Order online or visit our Branches in WESTLANDS or EASTERN BYPASS RUAI. Get best prices and transportation of materials to your location anywhere in Kenya on time.

Bellow is Gypsum Ceiling Supplies pricelist for gypsum ceiling materials in Kenya needed to install a perfect long lasting ceiling

  • 9mm Hada Gypsum Board Hada (Local) Ksh700
  • 9mm Gyproc Gypsum Board (Best Choice) Ksh1,350
  • 9.5mm Knauf Gypsum Board (Recommended) Ksh1250
  • 9.5mm Hada Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board Ksh1,350
  • 9mm Gyproc Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board Ksh1,950
  • 52mm drywall Stud Gauge 0.4mm Ksh195 (Other Gauges Available)
  • 50mm Drywall Channels Ksh195
  • 1 Inch Drywall Screws Ksh650 (Best Quality Sharp Tip)
  • Drywall Fiber Tape (90M) Ksh350
  • Steel nails 1 inch Ksh250
  • Gyproc Gypsum Filler 25kg Ksh1,700
  • Drywall Corner Tape (30M) Ksh950
  • Gypsum Cornice 8ft*4Inch Ksh130 (Best Quality)
  • Polyurethane PU Cornice – Fiber @550 (Fine Smooth Finish & Water Resistant)
  • Sandpaper Grit P80, P100, P120 Per Roll 25M Ksh1,700
  • Crown Covematt paint 20L Ksh4,400
  • Gypsum Medallion Medium Ksh500 (Other Sizes Available)
  • Paint Roller 9 Inch Ksh350 (Best Quality)
  • Paint Brush Ksh300 (Fine Threads)
  • All prices includes VAT
  • Professional installers Available Charging Ksh1000/= per square meter
  • Free consultation available Visit our Westlands Branch or Ruai Branch for better deals

    Pricelist for gypsum board ceiling 2024:

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