Gypsum Ceiling Materials Price List

What are the requirements for gypsum ceiling?

Bellow is a list and prices of materials needed to install a gypsum ceiling system

Pricelist for gypsum board ceiling 2021: ✅Gypsum Boards [email protected]/=✅Gyproc gypsum board (Premium brand) Ksh @1100/=✅Knauf Moisture resistant 9mm @1500✅Gyproc Moisture res board 9mm @2000✅Gypsum Steel Stud @150/=✅Gypsum Steel Channel @150/=✅Gypsum Screws 1 inch @650/=✅Fibre Tape @350/=✅Steel nails 1 [email protected]/=✅Gypsum Filler(Gyproc)25kg @1475/=✅Corner [email protected]/=✅Gypsum Cornice @135/=✅Fiber PU Cornice @500/=✅Sandpaper @1700/= per Roll✅Covermatt paint 20L @4,300/= ✅Medallion From 600/=✅[email protected]/=✅Brushes @300/=

✅All prices includes VAT✅Professional installers Available Charging Ksh1000/= per square metre ✅Free consultation available Visit our Westlands Branch or Ruai Branch for better deals

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