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Best Gypsum Ceiling Accessories in Kenya at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

What are gypsum ceiling accessories? Apart from a gypsum board, there are many other gypsum ceiling requirements needed to give your ceiling a elegant and luxury finish. You can decide to fix a gypsum ceiling for your house with any budget, there is no cheaper or expensive false ceiling. What matters is for you to decide on the finishing you needs ranging from simple to complex, fire rated or normal and so on.

There is so much involved when considering this type of false ceiling system. We offer free professional advise on matters related to the type of boards and ceiling accessories you should choose for your project. We always advise ‘Don’t fall for cheap’ because cheap sometimes leads to loss. Get free advise from us by visiting our locations or call 0703200300 and 0706200300

Bellow is a Summery Checklist of Gypsum Accessories for your House or business Premise;

  • Gypsum Boards 9mm
  • Gypsum Studs 52mm*10ft
  • Gypsum Channels/tracks 52mm*10ft
  • Gypsum Screws 1 Inch, 1.5 Inch
  • Wafer Head Self Drilling Screws 0.5 Inch
  • Gyproc Gypsum Filler 25kg
  • Gypsum Fiber Tape 90m
  • Steel Nails 1 Inch, 1.5 Inch
  • Corner Tape Roll
  • Cornices 4 Inch*2.4M (Optional)
  • Sandpaper
  • Covermatt Paint White
  • Vinyl Matt Paint (Brilliant White or your Choice)
  • LED Down lighters or Panel Lights 3-6 Watts
  • Indirect LED Strip Light (Optional)
  • Finally a Qualified Gypsum Artisan, Painter and an Electrician

Are you considering a gypsum ceiling system as a ceiling option for your lovely project? Installing a Gypsum ceiling is not just purchasing gypsum boards and asking the local carpenter to nail them on timber brandering. This is a mistake homeowners have fallen victims because of trusting inexperienced artisans in Kenya.

For better aesthetic ceiling systems, I would advise homeowners to consult professional artisans or drywall contractors. Unlike other ceiling systems in Kenya, a quality and well finished gypsum ceiling system has to undergo several steps in the installation process

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