Gypsum Ceiling Accessories in Kenya

Gypsum ceiling material list

Are you considering a gypsum ceiling system as a ceiling option for your lovely project? Installing a Gypsum ceiling is not just purchasing gypsum boards and asking the local carpenter to nail them on timber brandering. This is a mistake homeowners have fallen victims because of trusting inexperienced artisans in Kenya.

For better aesthetic ceiling systems, I would advise homeowners to consult professional artisans or drywall contractors. Unlike other ceiling systems in Kenya, a quality and well finished gypsum ceiling system has to undergo several steps in the installation process

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Apart from a gypsum board, there are many other decorative materials you can combine to give your ceiling a luxury finish. Off course what matters here is money and the budget you have put aside for your ceiling. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to give your gypsum ceiling an elegant finish.

Gypsum Ceiling Material List

Bellow is a general checklist list of gypsum ceiling system for your house or business premise in Kenya;

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