Gypsum Boards and Accessories Prices 2024

Gypsum Board Hada 4ftx8ftx9mm Plasterboard

Getting the right gypsum boards and accessories can be quite tricky especially when weighing between quality and budget friendly. I have witnessed ceilings fall after 7 days because of poor workmanship and fake materials. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a pioneer in ceiling systems and helps homeowners identify and select the best products for their projects. We import and manufacture products certified by accreditation bodies within and outside Kenya including EAC and COMESA. Truthfully, 2022 was a tough year for the construction business. The prices of raw materials was on the high and importation prices hit the ceiling. Industry players in the construction business suffered losses and homeowners were short of construction budget to sustain their projects. We are glad to note that prices are reducing gradually which gives us a hopeful 2023.

Bellow is the pricelist for gypsum boards and accessories for the year 2023

  • 9mm Hada Gypsum Board KES750
  • 9mm Gyproc Gypsum Board KES1,380
  • 9.5mm Knauf Gypsum Board KES950
  • 9mm Decor Gypsum Board KES700
  • Hada Moisture rated Gypsum Board KES1500
  • 9.5mm Knauf Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board KES1,650
  • 9mm Gyproc Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board KES1,980
  • 52mm Gypsum Studs Ksh195 (Other Gauges Available)
  • 50mm Gypsum Channels KES195
  • Gypsum Screws Ksh650 (Best Quality Sharp Tip)
  • Gypsum Fiber Tape (90M) KES350
  • Steel nails 1 inch KES250
  • Gyproc Filler 25kg Ksh1,600
  • Gypsum Corner Tape (30M) KES950
  • Gypsum Cornice 4′ KES135 (Best Quality)
  • Polyurethane PU Cornice – Fiber KES600 (Fine Smooth Finish & Water Resistant)
  • Sandpaper Grit P80, P100, P120 Per Roll 25M KES1,700
  • Crown Covermatt paint 20L KES4,500
  • Gypsum Medallion Medium KES500 (Other Sizes Available)
  • Paint Roller 9 Inch KES350 (Best Quality)
  • Paint Brush KES300 (Fine Threads)
  • Free consultation available Visit our Westlands Branch or Ruai Branch for better deals

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Boards

Many confuse it as a water resistant gypsum board. The green faced board is termed Professionally as moisture rated board. This is a hydrophobic board that withstands moisture and humidity. Application of Moisture resistant gypsum boards includes; in bathrooms, balconies and regions with cold climates. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies 9mm and 12mm moisture rated gypsum boards

Fire Rated Gypsum Boards

The manufacturing process of Fire resistant gypsum boards incorporates glass fibers which contains fire resistance properties. The application of Fire rated boards includes; Kitchen areas, security rooms, server rooms and industrial applications just to name a few. We stock 12.5mm fire rated gypsum boards

Water resistant boards – Fiber Cement Boards

The manufacturing process of cement boards combines Portland cement and fibers. The glass fibers makes the board strong and fire resistant. The application of Fiber Cement boards includes; Bathrooms, exterior walling, exterior cladding, exterior eves and any section that has direct contact with water. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies fiber cement boards in the sizes of 8mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm