Glasswool Insulation Prices in Rwanda, Kigali

Glass Wool Insulation Heat Insulating Materials. Glassrock Glasswool Foil Blanket in Kenya

Rwanda, one of the fastest growing economies in the EAC continues to adhere to green building technologies. Due to the robust investments in the commercial sector, Rwanda construction industry players such as Architects, Engineers, Developers and construction companies are investing in solution based products that offers long term merits. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Ltd is a Kenyan based building materials supplier focusing on smart building technologies. We supply different densities and sizes of glass wool insulation, rockwool insulation and other materials that revolves around Acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. The advantages of the materials we sale such as fiberglass insulation can achieve different functions at the same time. Our Mineral wool products helps in soundproofing, thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire insulation just to name a few.

Fiberglass insulation, also known as glass wool, is one of the most effective and sustainable insulation materials on the market. The exceptional thermal properties help save energy and therefore reduce emissions. The porous, elastic structure means that glass wool is very good at attenuating noise. Glass wool doesn’t fuel fire or propagate flames either, as it is incombustible by nature

Fiberglass Insulation Price

Cost of fiberglass insulation varies based on different aspects such as the R value, foil faced, none non-foil faced, rolls or slabs and also thickness and density. The higher the density the higher the price. Bellow are some of the fiberglass insulation we supply in Kenya and East Africa;

  • Glassroc Glass wool Insulation with Foil Density 24kg/m3 Size 10m*1.2m*50mm
  • Glassroc GlassWool without Foil Density 24Kg/m3 Size 10m*1.2m*50mm
  • Fiberglass Insulation with Foil Density 14Kg/m3 Size15m*1.2m*50mm
  • Isover cavity Batt Insulation Density 24Kg/m3 Size 1.2m*0.6m*50mm
  • Isover Cavity Batt Insulation Density 24Kg/m3 Size 1.2*0.6m*50mm

What is Fiberglass Insulation?

Ever wondered what fiberglass insulation is all about? Well Fiberglass insulation is the oldest and popular acoustic and thermal insulation material in the World. Glass wool insulation has existed in the insulation market for over 80 years