Frameless Glass


The beauty of glass enhances any space. Our glass office partitions combine the beauty of glass with the functionality of an operable partition. These panels are ideal for areas where a physical, but not a visual barrier is needed.

They allow the light to come in and provide the flexibility to reconfigure space.

Frameless glass wall panels are made from a sheet of glass attached to top and bottom aluminum horizontal rails. The panels are shipped fully assembled.

Our unique frameless office glass partitions have mechanical fasteners that secure the glass to the rails. We simply do not rely on friction to secure the panels into the top rails. Our rail system incorporates a durable support pin that is inserted thru holes in the glass to mechanically secure the panel in place without slipping.

The term frameless is used due to the lack of a vertical frame member. The glass edges are polished for a smooth finish.

Frameless glass panels are suspended from an overhead track and carrier system — no floor tracks or guides are needed; however, the panels require floor pins and receptacles in the floor to keep them secure in the opening.