Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Frequently asked Questions

What is a Gypsum Board?

Gypsum board is a building material manufactured by compressing gypsum powder in between two hard papers – the facer and backer. Some people call gypsum board as drywall, plasterboard or sheetrock. The standard size for gypsum board is 1.2m by 2.4m.

What is a Gypsum Ceiling?

Gypsum Ceiling also known as Droped ceiling, false ceiling or gyproc ceiling is a kind of suspended ceiling system actualized by fixing gypsum boards on metal profiles commonly known us studs and channels with drywall screws. The joints of the ceiling finally taped and skimmed with joint filler, sanded and painted.

Is Gypsum Ceiling Expensive?

Compared to other ceiling options in the Kenya market, gypsum ceiling is slightly costly expecially when designed or combined with architectural mouldings such as cornices and medallions. But it is one of the cheapest ceiling options if you look at it in terms of durability, functionality, aesthetics and easy maintenance.

Is Gypsum Ceiling Good?

From a technical perspective, gypsum ceiling is one of the best ceiling system compared to other existing options. My advise to homeowners is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of their preferred ceiling systems while considering their budget, function, durability and aesthetics

What is the Cost of Gypsum Ceiling?

The cost of installing a nicely done gypsum ceiling by a profesional ranges between Ksh2000 to Ksh3500 shillings per square Metre. The costs can be determined by the choice of design – a flat design can be cheaper while a multi-level type can consume more materials. Also the inclusion of mouldings can increase the costs accordingly

Do You Also Supply Other Ceiling Systems?

Yes. We also supply acoustic ceilings, PVC Ceilings Heavy Gauge, TNG Ceilings, Chipboard Ceilings, Ceiling Tiles with related accessories among other systems. You can visit us in Westlands or Ruai Eastern Bypass for technical and sales assistance. You can also call us anytime on 0706200300

Where are You Located in Nairobi?

We are located in on Ring Road Parklands opposite 9 West Building, Westlands, Nairobi and on Eastern Bypass, Next to Rubis Petrol Station, Ruai, Nairobi. Our prices are the same in all our branches. We offer products delivery countrywide either free, subsidized or at a cost based on distance and quantity