False Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a Market Leader in Plaster, Dry Wall and false Ceiling systems that improves well-being in living spaces with innovative, effective and sustainable systems and products

A Gypsum false ceiling plays a very important role in Home Interiors. It is one of the easiest, cost-effective & quickest ways to transform your interior space. There is no limitation to ideas which can come alive as ceilings. Some of the advantages that come along with the aesthetic value of false ceiling includes;

  • Uniform light distribution to the entire room through ceiling lights
  • Mess-free home with all wirings, pipes covered under the ceiling
  • Cooler homes with dropped ceilings
  • Express your style through ceiling designs.
  • Ceiling designs can be customized as per room size and lighting requirements.

Looking for a solution to turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary? Look no more

From residential, Office Spaces and Shopping malls to Airports, Hotels, Hospitals or Industrial establishments our solutions extend across a wide range of products and systems.

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies provides False Ceiling and Dry wall solutions for every application area across all the sectors

Kenya construction sector is rapidly growing and Gypsum Ceiling Supplies supports this growth by offering solutions that provide high quality products for the residential, commercial, industrial, leisure, retail, hospitality, healthcare. housing and education sectors. The prices of installing a false ceiling system varies based on several aspects such as;

  • Quality, brand and thickness of gypsum board being used
  • Quality of craftsmanship and finishes; An amateur or a Professional
  • Type of framing – Metal studs or timber
  • The thickness of drywall profiles i.e. gauge 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.45mm or 0.5mm
  • Brand, size and type of ceiling lights
  • Paint quality and finishing e.g. Textured paint or Normal
  • Architectural Moldings like fiber cornices, gypsum cornices, wall panels, medallions