Customer Service

At Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya we support you in creating your ideal work space. Since 2000 we lead the Kenyan market, offering pioneer and distinguished world class services that transform the office or home space into a productive and effective environment

Every company is unique. Its workspace expresses the philosophy, the values, the goals and the activities of the enterprise. It constitutes a significant investment for the employees, their productivity and the image of the company itself.
With  profound knowledge of the field, long experience and specialized personnel professionals, we support large and smaller enterprises, organizations, research and architectural offices, interior designers, and construction companies, in the creation of modern and unique workplaces.
Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Ltd closely cooperate with you, understand your needs, work on the demands of your project and develop high-standard solutions that serve your current and future needs.
We respond to every challenge, providing comprehensive solutions and continuous  support from the beginning of the cooperation, throughout  the implementation of the  project, as well as after its completion with our top of notch after sales service.

A Professionally Staffed Call Center

Our call center team is available to pick your call and respond on your messages 24/7. We can review your proposal, answer basic questions about your project, or we can put you through to a person in the field who can. We can take and deliver messages. For estimates and consultation, book an appointment with one of us by calling customer care on 0703200300. If you ever have a problem with your gypsum work, we are there to listen and help.

We work from detailed written proposals

The person who prepared your Proposal is a trained Estimator. They have taken the necessary time to understand your needs and the requirements of your project and they have provided the details to you in a Proposal and a Customer Care Form. Your Proposal and your Customer Care Form are living documents that will be used by our crew to ensure your ceiling gypsum project is completed to your satisfaction.

Your project is managed by a professional

A Job Site Supervisor will be assigned to oversee your entire project from start to finish. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Supervisor will be on-site full time and will work with you closely. Our team uses world accredited tools to accurately dispense your project perfectly and on time. Their role is to communicate with you throughout the job, answer your questions, and address your concerns.