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Cost of Gypsum Ceiling in Kenya

Cost of Gypsum Ceilings in Kenya

Cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya ranges between KES 2, 000-3, 500 per square Metre based on each particular design from simple to complex. Aesthetics and durability is our first priority. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Gypsum Ceiling Installation Procedure – Step By Step Guide

gypsum ceiling installation

Gypsum Ceiling Installation. Ever wondered how gypsum ceiling is installed? Installing a perfect gypsum designer ceiling system is not an easy task if compared to other ceiling systems like PVC ceiling, wooden T and G or soft boards

Gypsum Ceiling Prices in Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Prices in Kenya at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

As an expert in the building construction space, this is my analysis about gypsum ceiling prices in Kenya. If you’re considering giving your home or office space a stylish and modern upgrade, then a gypsum ceiling might be just what you need. Gypsum ceilings offer a plethora of benefits, from their elegant appearance to their versatility and durability. In this article, we will explore the different types of gypsum ceilings available in Kenya, delve into the pricing details, and evenRead More …

Gypsum Ceiling Photo Gallery in Nairobi Kenya – Dropped Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling Kenya

100 elegant gypsum ceiling designs for residential homes in Kenya. Quality gypsum ceilings for your house call gypsum ceilings and Interiors

Gypsum Ceiling Accessories in Kenya

Best Gypsum Ceiling Accessories in Kenya at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

Apart from a gypsum board, there are many other gypsum ceiling accessories needed to give your ceiling a elegant and luxury finish. You can decide to fix a gypsum ceiling for your house with any budget, there is no cheaper or expensive false ceiling

Gypsum Materials in Kenya

Gyproc gypsum boards kenya

We are Nairobi based supplier of gypsum materials and insulation in Kenya. Get in touch with us for enquiries and transportation options within and outside Nairobi , We also offer supply and fix services. Call us on 0705718085 or contact us
Bellow is a list of gypsum materials for residential and commercial projects.

Gypsum Board Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Lounge

Gypsum boards and ceiling accessories for sale at wholesale and retail prices. We supply quality, sustainable gypsum ceiling systems in Kenya

Fiber Cement Boards Prices in Kenya

Fiber cement boards

Fiber cement board is a building material made of Portland cement reinforced with cellulose fibers and sand. Fiber cement boards is used for interior and exterior spaces that require water resistant boards as well as moisture and fire ratings. Did you know there is a difference between Fiber Cement board (FCB) and Cement Board (CB)? Cement board does not contain reinforced fibers and they tend to break easily when mishandled but still offer the same purpose as Fiber Cement Board.Read More …