Cost of Gypsum Ceiling in Kenya

Cost of Gypsum Ceilings in Kenya

The cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya ranges between 2,000 to 3,500 Shillings per square Metre based on each particular design from simple to complex.  Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is your One stop shop Gypsum Ceiling Materials in Kenya. Our design and install team undergo comprehensive training within and outside the country to learn and improve on modern interior décor trends. Aesthetics and durability is our first priority. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Everyday, Gypsum Ceiling Supplies customer care desk records 4-5 queries from residential and commercial clients about the cost of installing a standard gypsum false ceiling. Gypsum Ceiling supplies materials at wholesale prices and installs gypsum ceilings and partitions as a package at very affordable rates. We have specialized in the installation of gypsum works for the past 20 years.

What Determines the Cost of Gypsum Ceiling in Kenya?

There are so many factors that can determine the cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya including;

  • The quality and brand of gypsum boards e.g. Gyproc Gypsum Boards or Knauf Gypsum Boards
  • The type of framing. Metal studs or timber (Gauge 0.45mm Studs highly recommended)
  • The strength of galvanized steel framing From gauge 0.35mm, to 0.6mm
  • The cost and type of LED ceiling lights
  • The paint type, quality and finishing e.g. Textured paint or Normal
  • Additional decorations such as CNC engraving, paneling and cladding
  • The type and quality of architectural moldings such as polyurethane PU cornices, gypsum cornices, wall panels and medallions.

Get Inspired With Best Gypsum Ceiling Design Ideas in Kenya

This is a clear indication that gypsum ceiling outranks other ceiling options in merits, price, quality and durability. Gypsum Ceilings carry more advantages compared to other ceiling options for residential houses and also costs much more because of materials and steps involved in crafting an aesthetic ceiling that adds more value to your property

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Several years ago, the construction sector in Kenya realized Gypsum ceiling had more merits than any other type of ceiling. Since then, several brands hit the market and clients could hardly identify quality gypsum board. It’s very important to consult professionals in this field so as to make the right decision in terms of requirements, quality and professionalism.

Why Gypsum Ceiling?

The ceiling of the Gypsum board is easier to repair if it is damaged or leaking, because only need to replace the necessary parts without dismantling the entire ceiling. Building or renovating can be easily done by using Gypsum ceiling board. The relatively lightweight Gypsum board also saves energy

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Advantages of Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum board walls and ceilings have a number of outstanding advantages:

  • Ease of installation
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound isolation-
  • Durability
  • Economy
  • Versatility

What is Gypsum Board?

Gypsum board is the general name for panels that consist of a noncombustible core, composed primarily of gypsum powder compressed between two hard papers on the face, back and along the edges. Most gypsum panels in Kenya have standard sizes of 4*8ft and thickness of 9mm and 12mm respectively. Gypsum board is one of several building materials covered by the umbrella term “gypsum panel products.” All gypsum panel products contain gypsum cores; however, they can be faced with a variety of different materials, including paper and fiberglass mats.

Gypsum board is often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard. It differs from other panel-type building products, such as plywood, hardboard, and fiberboard. When joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint compound commonly known as gypsum filler or gypsum plaster, gypsum wall board creates a continuous surface suitable for most types of interior decoration

We are Experts in Gypsum False Ceiling Installation in Kenya

Thinking of installing a designer gypsum ceiling for your house or business premise anywhere in Kenya? Well, you don’t need to do it yourself or hire an armature then end up with poor workmanship. We sale internationally certified gypsum boards, metal profiles, screws, fillers, plasters and related accessories. Gypsum Ceiling supplies also offers free consultation and installation services at very affordable rates. You can visit our showrooms in Westlands

Why Choose Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya for your Ceiling Needs?

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya specializes in supply and installation of false ceilings and related accessories such as cornices, crown moldings. We also focus on interior interior designs for residential and commercial projects in Kenya. Our professional team offer stunning and elegant gypsum ceiling works in the entire country while focusing on high end interior finishes – quality matters to us just as our clients.

If you are keen on quality, fare costs seamless interior finishes and a company you can fully trust, call us for free consultation and estimates. We are an award winning company for best residential and commercial gypsum ceilings in East Africa with 100% customer satisfaction and a 4.9 out of 5 star customer ratings. Since its inception, Gypsum Ceiling Supplies has successfully completed many projects in urban and rural Kenya.

We have a wide range of gypsum boards and many interior decorating products. Buy all your ceilings and insulation products at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Branches in Kenya. We also have roof heat insulation and soundproofing products onboard