Ceiling Types and Prices in Kenya

Plain Gypsum Ceiling design with bulkheads at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

One of the most mind blowing moment for house owners is identifying the choice and type of ceiling while considering the budget involved. I have detailed some of the Most used Ceiling types and price estimates.

  • PVC Ceiling Light gauge is the most cheapest – it costs ksh2500 per bundle that covers approximately 11 square meters.
  • PVC Ceiling Heavy gauge mostly manufactured in wooden shades costs Ksh4800 per bundle that covers 11 square meters.
  • A flat gypsum ceiling costs approx. Ksh1800 per square meter inclusive of labor and materials
  • A standard designer gypsum ceiling with bulkheads costs approx. Ksh2300 minimum inclusive of labor and materials plus lights (Price may escalate based on the quality of materials such as the type of boards, the quality of lights, the type of cornices and much more)
  • TNG cypress ceiling costs approx. Ksh3500 Per square meter minimum cost
  • TNG Mahogany ceiling costs about Ksh4500 per square meter minimum cost
  • TNG cypress ceiling costs less than TNG mahogany ceiling.
  • Of all the options, PVC ceiling is not long lasting, it degrades quickly, can fall off easily due to roof heat, wind or poor craftsmanship.
  • Gypsum Ceiling is easy to maintain and repair even if their is water leakage as long as the boards are fixed on metal studs not the timber brandering.
  • You can renew an existing gypsum ceiling by painting just like walls.
  • TNG timber ceiling is the most expensive compared to other options.
  • Unfortunately with TNG ceiling, you can feel caged.
  • TNG ceiling can also be a nest for small insects that resides in the roof or timber itself.
  • TNG timber ceiling is a suitable option for exterior eves.
  • Finally, Fix any roof leakage before installing any type of ceiling, don’t blame the ceiling. Water is liquid and will definitely find a way through any type of ceiling. Water leakage is a threat to any type of ceiling so fix leakages.
TNG Mahogany Wood Ceiling and PVC Heavy Gauge Ceiling

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