Ceiling for Transport Centres


Our world is always in motion – billions of people travelling from city to city Continent to continent. And building in which they arrive and depart need to play their part in making every journey better.

From airport departure lounges to train station concourse, from the food Court through to the platform, the architecture of transportation is a journey Ceilings, walls and floors are traveler’s companions; the first and last things they’ll See in any location, the backdrops to meetings and partings –and a crucial part of People’s journeys.

So, we should approach these building rationally and emotionally. They need to be functional, to guide travelers to gates, lounges and platforms. They need to be clean, maintainable and durable to cope with the footfall of millions every day. But they also need to be calming and welcoming; tranquil, peaceful places that encourage exploration.

To this end, we need to transform the dark tunnels and cavernous lobbies that once characterized transport hubs into bright, open and desirable spaces, concealing the noise and passage of crowds to make people feel comfortable. And all of this while using design to make an impression-to create spaces that move people, physically and emotionally.