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Gypsum Boards in Nairobi, Kenya

We have a wide variety of gypsum boards in our Branches countrywide. From regular, water resistant moisture rated and fire resistant any of them comes in 9mm and 12.5mm

Gypsum Boards and Accessories Prices 2023

9mm Hada Gypsum Boards

Get gypsum ceiling boards and accessories. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a Market Leader in Ceilings that improves well-being in living spaces

Glasswool Insulation Fibers in Rwanda, Kigali

Glassrock Glasswool Foil Blanket in Kenya

Ever wondered what fiberglass insulation is all about? Well Fiberglass insulation is the oldest and popular acoustic and thermal insulation material in the World

Rockwool insulation in Rwanda, Kigali

Rockwool Insulation 50 to 100 Kg/M3

GlassRock wire mesh blankets are supplied in shrink wrapped polyethylene and must be stored in the original packaging, protected from the weather and off the ground in case of getting wet it can be dried and used without changes to its properties

Gypsum Ceiling Materials Price List 2023

Gypsum Board Kenya Hada

Bellow is a list and prices of materials needed to install a gypsum ceiling system

Gypsum Ceiling Photo Gallery 2023

100 elegant gypsum ceiling designs for residential homes in Kenya. Quality gypsum ceilings for your house call gypsum ceilings and Interiors

Stylish Gypsum Ceiling 2022

Gypsum Ceiling Designs

Gypsum ceiling designs Kenya, for best crafted gypsum ceiling designs in Kenya call us today for stunning and elegant designs.