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Gypsum Ceiling Materials Price List

What are the requirements for gypsum ceiling? Bellow is a list and prices of materials needed to install a gypsum ceiling system Pricelist for gypsum board ceiling 2021: Gypsum Boards [email protected]/=Gyproc gypsum board (Premium brand) Ksh @1100/=Knauf Moisture resistant 9mm @1500Gyproc Moisture res board 9mm @2000Gypsum Steel Stud @150/=Gypsum Steel Channel @150/=Gypsum Screws 1 inch @650/=Fibre Tape @350/=Steel nails 1 [email protected]/=Gypsum Filler(Gyproc)25kg @1475/=Corner [email protected]/=Gypsum Cornice @135/=Fiber PU Cornice @500/=Sandpaper @1700/= per RollCovermatt paint 20L @4,300/= Medallion From 600/[email protected]/=Brushes @300/= AllRead More …

50 Gypsum Ceiling Designs in Kenya 2021

Gypsum Ceiling Bedroom Design 04

Most of our time we spend in the living room. It is also an area which the guests notice when they first arrive. So, you simply cannot take chances with cheap interiors. Below are some elegant ceiling made with Gypsum boards, that can elevate the look of your room. The vertical arrangement of bars and the strategic positioning of light fixtures make your room appear larger and cozy

Shipping Container Insulation Kenya

Insulation for shipping containers

In recent days, many Kenyans have started embracing cheaper ways to own a home or office by fabricating shipping containers. We have the best insulation materials for your shipping container? A shipping container is a challenging space to insulate and condition due to both materials and geometry. Its metal walls show a poor insulation at mid-high frequencies and barely inexistent at low frequencies. In addition, these walls act as resonators once excited with noise. Its geometry of parallel walls allows generation of standingRead More …

Cost of Gypsum Ceiling in Kenya

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Cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya ranges between KES 2, 000-3, 500 per square Metre based on each particular design from simple to complex. Aesthetics and durability is our first priority. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Ceiling Types and Prices in Kenya

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One of the most mind blowing moment for house owners is identifying the choice and type of ceiling while considering the budget involved. I have detailed some of the Most used Ceiling types and price estimates.

Gypsum Ceiling Accessories in Kenya

Gypsum ceiling material list

nstalling a Gypsum ceiling is not just purchasing gypsum boards and asking the local carpenter to nail them on timber brandering. This is a mistake homeowners have fallen victims because of trusting inexperienced artisans.

Gypsum Ceiling Installation in Kenya

gypsum ceiling installation

Gypsum Ceiling Installation. Ever wondered how gypsum ceiling is installed? Installing a perfect gypsum designer ceiling system is not an easy task if compared to other ceiling systems like PVC ceiling, wooden T and G or soft boards

Gypsum Ceiling Photo Gallery 2021

100 elegant gypsum ceiling designs for residential homes in Kenya. Quality gypsum ceilings for your house call gypsum ceilings and Interiors