Gypsum Ceiling Installation in Kenya

gypsum ceiling installation

Gypsum Ceiling Installation. Ever wondered how gypsum ceiling is installed? Installing a perfect gypsum designer ceiling system is not an easy task if compared to other ceiling systems like PVC ceiling, wooden T and G or soft boards

Lorenzetti Instant Showers Price in Kenya

Lorenzetti Instant Showers Price in Kenya

Lorenzetti instant showers are the most installed instant showers not only in the Kenyan households but in over 40 countries. Lorenzetti has a range of instant showers to suite any budget and environment. For instance, some Lorenzetti showerheads are designed for salty or borehole water.

Gypsum Materials in Kenya

Gyproc gypsum boards kenya

We are Nairobi based supplier of gypsum materials and insulation in Kenya. Get in touch with us for enquiries and transportation options within and outside Nairobi , We also offer supply and fix services. Call us on 0705718085 or contact us
Bellow is a list of gypsum materials for residential and commercial projects.

Gypsum Ceiling Designs in Kenya

Modern gypsum ceiling design 1

Gypsum ceiling designs are very popular interior décor trend in Kenya and around the World. Its popularism has been boosted by the ever-growing residential construction not only in Nairobi but also in rural Kenya. Gypsum ceiling designs or false ceiling design as other people call it was introduced in Kenya through hospitality industry in the early 1990s and was considered expensive to afford.

Sound Proof Material Price in Kenya

We have wide variety of sound proof materials in Kenya. Our sound proof materials includes; Rockwool Insulation, fiberglass insulation, styrofoam sheets and much more. Our sound proof materials varies in thicknesses, density and sizes.

Gypsum Ceiling Stockist in Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Stockist in Kenya

Best, affordable and efficient gypsum ceiling stockist in Kenya. We currently have branches in Westlands and Ruai Eastern Bypass. Other upcoming branches in Kisumu, Homabay, Eldoret and Mombasa. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Ltd is a dedicated ceiling system supplier, manufacturer, importer and stockist. We also have all related metal profiles and accessories necessary for gypsum false ceiling system One Stop Gypsum Ceiling Stockist in Kenya Why gypsum Ceiling system? Gypsum Ceiling System provides enclosures and separation between spaces, they help control the diffusion of light and sound withinRead More …

Gypsum Medallions in Nairobi Kenya

Gypsum Medallion D017

Gypsum medallion is an architectural moulding used for interior decoration especially at the centre light or on the walls. Gypsum medallions are still popular for large rooms in more stately homes and are especially useful as a transition between a hanging ceiling fixture and a plain ceiling surface

Gypsum Ceiling Materials Price List

What are the requirements for gypsum ceiling? Bellow is a list and prices of materials needed to install a gypsum ceiling system Pricelist for gypsum board ceiling 2021: Gypsum Boards [email protected]/=Gyproc gypsum board (Premium brand) Ksh @1100/=Knauf Moisture resistant 9mm @1500Gyproc Moisture res board 9mm @2000Gypsum Steel Stud @150/=Gypsum Steel Channel @150/=Gypsum Screws 1 inch @650/=Fibre Tape @350/=Steel nails 1 [email protected]/=Gypsum Filler(Gyproc)25kg @1475/=Corner [email protected]/=Gypsum Cornice @135/=Fiber PU Cornice @500/=Sandpaper @1700/= per RollCovermatt paint 20L @4,300/= Medallion From 600/[email protected]/=Brushes @300/= AllRead More …

50 Gypsum Ceiling Designs in Kenya 2021

Gypsum Ceiling Bedroom Design 04

Most of our time we spend in the living room. It is also an area which the guests notice when they first arrive. So, you simply cannot take chances with cheap interiors. Below are some elegant ceiling made with Gypsum boards, that can elevate the look of your room. The vertical arrangement of bars and the strategic positioning of light fixtures make your room appear larger and cozy

Shipping Container Insulation Kenya

Insulation for shipping containers

In recent days, many Kenyans have started embracing cheaper ways to own a home or office by fabricating shipping containers. We have the best insulation materials for your shipping container? A shipping container is a challenging space to insulate and condition due to both materials and geometry. Its metal walls show a poor insulation at mid-high frequencies and barely inexistent at low frequencies. In addition, these walls act as resonators once excited with noise. Its geometry of parallel walls allows generation of standingRead More …

Heat Insulation Materials in Kenya @Wholesale Price

Heat Insulation materials in Kenya available at Gypsum ceiling Supplies. During building construction, the process adopted to prevent heat transfer between outside and inside of the building is known as heat insulation.

Cost of Gypsum Ceiling in Kenya

Ceiling Design Mosquito Net - Bedroom

Cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya ranges between KES 2, 000-3, 500 per square Metre based on each particular design from simple to complex. Aesthetics and durability is our first priority. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.