Gypsum Ceiling Installation – Step By Step Guide

gypsum ceiling installation

Gypsum Ceiling Installation. Ever wondered how gypsum ceiling is installed? Installing a perfect gypsum designer ceiling system is not an easy task if compared to other ceiling systems like PVC ceiling, wooden T and G or soft boards

Gypsum Ceiling Designs in Kenya

Modern gypsum ceiling design 1

Gypsum ceiling designs are very popular interior décor trend in Kenya and around the World. Its popularism has been boosted by the ever-growing residential construction not only in Nairobi but also in rural Kenya. Gypsum ceiling designs or false ceiling design as other people call it was introduced in Kenya through hospitality industry in the early 1990s and was considered expensive to afford.

Gypsum Materials in Kenya

Gyproc gypsum boards kenya

We are Nairobi based supplier of gypsum materials and insulation in Kenya. Get in touch with us for enquiries and transportation options within and outside Nairobi , We also offer supply and fix services. Call us on 0705718085 or contact us
Bellow is a list of gypsum materials for residential and commercial projects.

Lorenzetti Instant Showers Price in Kenya

Lorenzetti Instant Showers Price in Kenya

Lorenzetti instant showers are the most installed instant showers not only in the Kenyan households but in over 40 countries. Lorenzetti has a range of instant showers to suite any budget and environment. For instance, some Lorenzetti showerheads are designed for salty or borehole water.

PVC Marble Sheet Prices in Kenya

Looking for PVC Marble sheets in Kenya? We have wide variety in stock sourced from World accredited brands. You can elevate your interior walls without breaking your bank account. No need for the expensive marble stone when you already have this alternative At Gypsum ceiling Supplies Ltd, we offer decorative products including marble sheets, cornices, fluted panels and all types of residential and commercial ceilings. We are a one stop shop. This is among our PVC marble sheet shades ForRead More …

South Sudan Roof Insulation Materials

Wide range of roof insulation materials for south Sudan market available at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies. Sometimes choosing the right roof insulation for your project can be very challenging. With different Roof Insulation materials to choose from, it is very difficult to decide the thickness, type, size and densities of Roof Insulation to use based on your specific needs. Our roof insulation experts usually help, advise and recommend the right type of Roof  Insulation material thickness that will solve your problem.Read More …

Gypsum Ceiling Prices in Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Prices in Kenya at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

As an expert in the building construction space, this is my analysis about gypsum ceiling prices in Kenya. If you’re considering giving your home or office space a stylish and modern upgrade, then a gypsum ceiling might be just what you need. Gypsum ceilings offer a plethora of benefits, from their elegant appearance to their versatility and durability. In this article, we will explore the different types of gypsum ceilings available in Kenya, delve into the pricing details, and evenRead More …

Perforated Aluminium Ceiling tiles in Kenya

Are you looking to transform the look and feel of your space? Perforated Aluminium Ceiling tiles might just be the answer to your prayers! These versatile and stylish ceiling tiles have gained immense popularity in Kenya and are revolutionizing interior design. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance or enhance acoustics, perforated aluminium ceiling tiles are the perfect solution. In this blog post, we will explore what exactly these ceiling tiles are, their benefits, how to install them,Read More …

Cost of EPS Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam Sheets in Kenya

Styrofoam Insulation

What is EPS Panel in building and construction business? EPS Panel (Expanded Polystyrene Panel) is an extremely lightweight product that is made of expanded polystyrene beads. Originally discovered by Eduard Simon in 1839 in Germany by accident, EPS foam is more than 95% air and only about 5% plastic EPS or Styrofoam as people call it, is a type of polystyrene, it is produced from polystyrene beads, which when expanded and molded under controlled conditions form a light weight block.Read More …

Cost of Roof Insulation in Kenya

Cost of Roof Insulation in Kenya

Cost of PE roof insulation materials in Kenya ranges from KSh 280 to KSh 500 per square Metre depending on thickness and quantity. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies quality roof insulation materials in Kenya – Polyethylene roof insulation

Glasswool Fiberglass Insulation in Nairobi Kenya

Fibreglass insulation in Kenya

Fiberglass insulation also known as glass wool is the oldest and popular insulation material Kenya and other parts of the World. It was discovered in the 19th century by a researcher named Russel Games