All About Gypsum Ceiling in Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya

I have been an expert in Gypsum Ceilings within and outside Kenya for many years working on residential and commercial projects. Gypsum ceiling has now become a popular ceiling system in Kenya and It is prudent for me to offer more ideas and insights about this system and why homeowners love it. Gypsum ceiling is a very good type of ceiling with regards to durability and beauty compared to existing ceiling systems only if you find an experienced installer. We at Gypsum Ceiling supplies offer installation services at a professional level. Call us for consultation and site visitation anywhere in Kenya

What is a Gypsum Ceiling?

Gypsum Ceiling is a kind of suspended ceiling system actualized by fixing gypsum boards on metal profiles commonly known us studs and channels with drywall screws. The joints of the ceiling finally taped and skimmed with joint filler, sanded and painted. Other names for gypsum ceiling depending with regions in the World includes; false ceiling, suspended ceiling, drywall ceiling, POP Ceiling, Plasterboard ceiling, sheetrock ceiling or gyproc ceiling. Whatever you call it, it still remains as a gypsum board ceiling

What is a Gypsum Board?

Gypsum board is a building material manufactured by compressing gypsum powder in between two hard papers – the facer and backer. Some people call gypsum board as drywall, plasterboard or sheetrock. The standard size for gypsum board is 1.2m by 2.4m. Manufactured in the thickness of 9mm and 12mm respectively. The major application for gypsum boards is ceilings and partitions. The advantages of using gypsum board in construction includes its fire resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation and easy to cut and craft interior decoration. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies three types of gypsum boards;

  • Fire resistant gypsum boards
  • Moisture resistant gypsum boards
  • Regular gypsum boards

What is the Meaning of Gypsum?

Gypsum is a non-metallic mineral mined in many parts of the World. In Kenya, gypsum mines are found in North Eastern and Eastern regions. Scientifically, gypsum minerals are composed of calcium sulphate dehydrate with chemical formular CaSO4·2H2O. Gypsum is widely used in agriculture, carvings and in building construction. This precious mineral is used to manufacture gypsum boards, gypsum blocks, gypsum cornices, plaster of paris and gypsum plaster.

Is Gypsum Ceiling Expensive in Kenya?

Gypsum Ceiling system is not expensive as people perceive it. Considering durability, maintenance, and aesthetics, drywall ceiling outranks other ceiling options such us PVC, TNG, Acoustic and chipboard.

Is Gypsum Ceiling Good?

From a technical perspective, gypsum ceiling is one of the best ceiling system compared to other existing options. My advise to homeowners is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of their preferred ceiling systems while considering their budget, function, durability and aesthetics.