Acoustic Ceiling Kenya

600*600 Trento acoutic tiles

Best and quality acoustic ceiling system in Nairobi. We supply international accredited acoustic ceiling system from Knauf AMF & Armstrong . We offer free deliveries within Nairobi. The acoustic ceiling system includes

  • Acoustic Ceiling grid – Main tee 32*24*3600mm
  • Acoustic Ceiling grid – Cross tee 26*24*1200mm
  • Acoustic Ceiling grid – Cross tee 26*24*600mm
  • Acoustic Ceiling grid – Wall Angle 22*22*3000mm
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles – 600mm*600mm

Acoustic ceilings are an excellent way to reduce noise within a space. Different types commercial acoustical ceilings offers solutions in mineral fiber, fiberglass, perforated metal, and perforated wood. Bright whites, bold colors, cool metals, and warm woods give you the design flexibility and acoustical performance you need for your commercial interiors

Controlling sound is a function of high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) acoustic ceiling tiles. NRC is a measure for rating the overall sound absorption of a material installed inside a building where sound is reflected at many angles of incidence. Material ratings with NRC > 0.70 indicate that a material is highly absorbent. Armstrong acoustic ceiling tiles with an NRC > 0.70 rating indicates that these tiles are designed for high performance in absorbing and minimizing unwanted sound.


Radar acoustical ceiling tiles are economical, medium textured tiles that feature a unique, non-directional pattern. They are made with a water felted manufacturing process that provides excellent ceiling attenuation class (CAC) performance. They install quickly and easily and are classified as low emitting ceiling tiles. The surface of the tile has perforations that aids in sound absorption, and it cleans easily with a soft brush or vacuum.

  • Fiberboard Materials
  • Easily installed in a suspended grid panel
  • 64 sq. ft. coverage area per carton
  • Class A fire rating
  • Noise reduction coefficient of 55
  • Non-directional pattern offers fast, efficient installation
  • Easily maintained with a soft brush or vacuum
  • Economical all-purpose ceiling tile

Where do you Require High NRC Acoustic Ceiling?

Classrooms to improve speech intelligibility. Doctors’ offices to ensure speech privacy for patients. Open-plan workplaces to reduce distracting background noise. Specifying high NRC acoustic ceiling panels helps achieve optimum performance and comfort.

Acoustical ceiling tile reduces noise, as it has sound absorbent properties. Good acoustic tiles are made from spun mineral fibers or fiberglass blended with starch. Wood fiber isn’t as desirable for acoustical tile as it doesn’t usually wear well in humid conditions. White is the traditional color of acoustical tiles, but gray, blue and beige are also commonly available. Acoustical tile is a good choice for music rooms or homes with multiple living spaces, but different thicknesses and brands of acoustic tile have different levels of sound protection, so this should be purchased carefully

Smooth Textured Optima

Provides excellent acoustical absorption, light reflectance and durability including impact, scratch and soil resistance. Optima is available in more standard sizes than any other product in the Armstrong portfolio including large size and trapezoidal panels. Custom sized optima is also available! 1 1/2″ and 2″ items are available which provide superior acoustical absorption.

Foil Backed, Improved CAC items are available for areas where sound blocking is important. Items with a plant based binder are available for projects where sustainability is key. Optima panels are light weight, offer HumiGuard+ no sag performance, are resistant to surface growth of mold and mildew and can be recycled at the end of their usable life.

Plastic ceiling tiles

Sold in a large selection of different looks and they offer a great choice for those on a budget. This is made to be fire safe and some of these tiles have metallic finishes to give them the look of embossed tin tiles. These faux tin tiles are made from molded plastic and may have ornate flower patterns and/or crown molding-like borders. Other types of plastic tile include stone looks and different solid colors. Although they’re inexpensive, plastic tiles provide good ceiling insulation.

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