Welcome to Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya

Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya is a National supplier of gypsum based building materials and Insulation systems in Kenya. The company is a subsidiary to Gypsum Ceilings and interiors Ltd. We supply plasterboard systems, gypsum ceilings and accessories, building plasters and metal profiles. Our local focus coupled with our segmented approach (education, healthcare, hospitality, residential) allows us to provide you with the best products for your specific needs. Browse our wide range of gypsum ceiling materials and place your order online

  • Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Homes

    Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Homes

    Whatever your style we have a designer ceiling for you plus a range of residential gypsum ceiling materials
  • Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Hospitality

    Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Hospitality

    Offers a wide range of acoustical and drywall solutions to hospitality projects such as night clubs, high end hotels and hospitals
  • Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Offices & Malls

    Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Offices & Malls

    Flexible and aesthetic solutions for sophisticated interiors while guaranteeing acoustical performance in busy environments
  • Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Bedroom Designs

    Gypsum Ceiling Kenya - Bedroom Designs

    Great impression for your bedroom ceilings. For the Love of inspiration and boldness for all your bedrooms